Need help connecting tuning adapter/hdprime/pc

Hello its me again....This is a responsive/informative forum so I know someone can help me out.
I'm sitting here looking at my Tuning Adapter, HDPrime Tuner and Cablecard, Htpc and Router I have Time Warner cable (not sure it thats important or not)

Anyway, can someone please walk me through on how I connect all of these units together?
from what I've read so far....(not necessarily in this order)
1. The cable coming out of the wall connects to a splitter, then one line runs to the TA and the other to the HDPrime.
2.The HDPrime connects to the router
3. The HTPC connects to the router
4. A usb cable connects to the TA and HDPrime

Is that it? there is still a 'Cable Out' male connector on the TA that is not being used.

No, I havent hooked anything up yet. I was digging around on this internet trying to find the correct answer, but I get bits and pieces from different sites.

Thank you all!! :D
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  1. Sounds about right, give it a try
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