Router and Modem? Are these good?

I'm moving so I need to get a router and modem for the new place. I will be using cable internet and either have the 15Mbps or 30Mbps internet plan.

I was wondering if this modem and router combination was good for what I stated above. And if they'd work together without any problems and/or bottlenecking. My ISP also made it clear that the modem must be DOCSIS 3.0, which it is. So, does everything look okay?



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  1. the modem is good the 6121 is the newer version

    as for the router you can get better once like this one
  2. You might want to consider the Zoom 5341-J (note the J) it supports 8 bonded channels rather then the 4 bonded channels of the Motorola modems. There aren't too many places that have 8 channel bonding yet, but it will give you a degree of future proofing.
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