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Radeon 7870 to TV

What kind of picture quality will I get with BF3, Skyrim, etc. with a Radeon 7870 in an LG 720p 60hz HDTV?

Also, most cheaper monitors have an FPS cap at 60 fps. What fps cap will this TV have?
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    A 7870 should give you excellent performance at max or near max settings at a resolution of 720p. As for image quality, it just comes down to the quality of that particular television, the same as it would if you were watching movies or hooking up an Xbox.

    The TVs refresh rate is 60hz, so you won't be able to see framerates any faster than 60 fps. Not that your eye could distinguish them any faster than that anyways.
  2. In 720p, you'll Max out.
    7870 maxes out every game on 1080p. So, 720p is just a joke.

    You'll not see any difference above 60fps.
    And Picture Quality depends on the Screen size.
  3. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    And Picture Quality depends on the Screen size.

    I could see you maybe referring to the dot pitch, but picture quality depends more on color balance, contrast levels, brightness, viewing angles, and response times. Screen size wouldn't even be one of the things I listed in regards to picture quality.
  4. If your screen size is big like "42" but 720p.
    You'll see that the Picture Quality is stretching throughout the screen.
  5. Ok thanks guys. You all said it could handle 1080p, so I guess it could take this?:

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