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Problem with DVI-I to VGA Adapter.

Hello, I'm sorry to bring up an adapter problem but I have tried several different things and can not find the solution. I have an XFX 7950 graphics card and a 10 year old Dell VGA monitor (which I am stuck with untill i buy a new monitor) and a Dynex DVI to VGA adapter. I understand that you would need DVI-I to work with my adapter and that is what I have on the back of my graphics card. I tried hooking the DVI end of the adapter into the graphics card and hooking one end of the VGA cable into the adapter and the other into my monitor, as i do this the monitor goes from displaying the color test screen to a blank black screen in standby mode. I have not done the removal of the 12th pin technique yet but I have tried 2 different monitors, 2 different cables all of which I know work, and 2 different adapters. This is my first build but I was able to get everything else working but for some reason im stuck at this monitor and I need to get it working. Also as a final note the fans on the video card are spinning which i'm not sure means anything but I would assume means I have power going to it.
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  1. Did you attempt this while the computer was on or off. Also why aren't you using a DVI -D isn't that more or less what you should be using if you are wanting to convert from VGA to DVI. I'm not certain but I thought the DVI-I was more intended for higher resolution displays which may be your issue as well.
  2. I tried hooking it up on and off and both times the monitor went into standoff mode. My graphics card only has a DVI-I connector on it (or hdmi) but the adapter that plugs into it appears to be DVI-A. I do not know if this would be causing the problem or if I could find a way to use DVI-D.
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    DVI-D is digital only. VGA won't work if you plug it into a DVI-D plug. DVI-A exists, but I've never seen in the wild. DVI-I is the combo of both and in my opinion should be the only plug used on a GPU.

    Can you borrow a different monitor? Go into the settings and make sure its set for something the monitor can handle? 1024x768 @60hz should be ok.
  4. I tired changing it to 1024x768 in the menu of the monitor and turned the powersave off and just got a no input message. I will try adjusting the monitor again.

    Update: I changed the monitor to 800x600 and plugged it in and I still got the no input message.
  5. No, not in the menu of the monitor, in the display properties of the computer. If the max your old monitor can do is 1280x1024 @60hz and the card/computer is outputting 1920x1080 then you'll have issues.
  6. would I have to change that on the computer itself, because the computer turns on fine but I wouldnt be able to change anything because I can't see anything without the monitor.
  7. I tried hooking the computer to my tv and it said no input also so i dont know what to do.
  8. I just borrowed another monitor and dvi cable and got the monitor to work. I will set up my computer and change the resolution on the computer to work with the old monitor and adapter. I think I have it covered from here but thanks for your help, I was a little hesitant at first to ask my question but im glad I did and thank you for helping me out.
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  10. Glad it got sorted out would of never thought that would be the way to go :) You learn something new everyday why I really enjoy these forums happy holidays dude.
  11. bigshootr8 said:
    Glad it got sorted out would of never thought that would be the way to go :) You learn something new everyday why I really enjoy these forums happy holidays dude.

    You were also correct about the resolution of DVI-I being too high for the montior. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hey, what the... :D
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