An intriguing problem with a GTX 650.

I just built a computer for a friend, and almost everything is working fine. But when the ASUS GTX 650 GPU is inside the PC and I press the power button, nothing happens. But when I take it out, it turns on. I know because all the fans spin up and the LEDs light up. Although, when the PSU switch is in the "on" position, and I wiggle the 6-pin PCI-E power connector, there is a green LED that lights up on the card, just above the connector for the power cable, and when it comes out, there is a red LED that flashes right next to it for just a moment. Is the card dead? If not, how do I fix this problem?

ASRock 970 Extreme3 Motherboard
8GB Kingston HyperX Black
Antec BP550 550w PSU
1TB Seagate HDD
NZXT M59 Case
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  1. Make sure that the card is fit well into the PCI slot.
  2. You sure that you have connected the Monitors cable to the GPU slot provided ?
  3. Yes.
  4. Is PSU cables properly connected to your GPU?
  5. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Is PSU cables properly connected to your GPU?

    Yes, the 6-pin is
    plugged into the GPU.
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