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I'm looking for a card that will run most games at 1080p max settings. I'd prefer a single card, and as far as the type of games I'll be playing goes we're looking at Swtor, GW2, Civ 5, Sims 3, Far Cry 3, ACIII, perhaps some Black Ops 2, DCUO, Planetside 2. I was looking at a 7870 and was about to order but then I got skeptical. I've no problem toning down some of the options, like shadows or other things that are barely noticeable. I just want close to max settings at 1080p. After the card's life has expired I'll most likely grab that generations equivalent to a 680- or 7970-level card of our gen. Probably gonna start steadily saving up right after I get this card.
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    In Nvidia's Camp Id go Either 660, 660ti, or 670

    In AMDs either 7870 or the 7950

    All the games you mentioned, besides FC3 and AC3 (Dont own them) run maxed out with 2xMSAA or High FXAA at 1920x1080 with 60+ FPS on my GTX 660.

    Only thing I have to turn down sometimes is Tessalation in certain DX11 games.


    Just my personal opinion mixed with some actual facts =D
  2. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply! I feel like I should go with NVIDIA, I heard they're better at patching problems quickly whereas AMD is pretty slow in response, but I wasn't sure where to go looking for what I wanted. Thanks for incorporating that information into your response.
  3. Get a GTX 670 Or a GTX 660 Ti.
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