Screen tearing..

I have a pretty new pc and when watching videos, or playing games I'm experiencing screen tearing. I've uninstalled/re-installed graphic drivers and made sure monitors were plugged in properly. Any suggestions would be wonderful.
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  1. also I don't know how to link my pc specs or anything that might help I'm sorry.. if anyone needs me to do anything on my end I can try my best.
  2. Install "CPUz" & "GPUz" and then tell your specs.
  3. Upgrade your Card to Latest Drivers 310.70.

    Is your Computer new? Or this problem occurred recently?
  4. Yeah my computer is pretty new. It started happening a few months after I got it I really started to notice it. I'll download that and see if it helps though. Thank you so much. Lately it has been a lot more noticeable though.
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