Nvidia Display driver 310.70 installation failed?

Hi guy's,

For some reason or anther I can't for the life of me get the latest Nvidia driver to install properly. I keep getting a message saying that my installation failed, while only having 2 of the selected components checked (driver and HD audio). Any help on this would be extremely appreciated as I must have went over 20 different methods so far and none of them worked for me.

P.S GFX card is MSI OC GTX 660 ti 2GB VRAM.
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  1. Maybe you are trying to install a different OS installer.

    For example:
    You have 64bit OS, but installing a 32bit OS Driver update.

    Please post a Pic of your Problem.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I have installed numerous drivers in the past and I have the right version of the driver update (64 bit for my 64 bit windows 7 ultimate). I just captured a couple of screens to show you what the installer is doing every time I try and re-install it.

    Before Installation

    Install finishes, but fails to update almost all the components

  3. According to it, you have Installed the Latest drivers.

    Open your Nvidia Control Panel and then check whether you have installed the Latest or not.
  4. Yeah the driver itself installed, but as a whole it failed. Like all the other components didn't install such as physx didn't install nor my hd audio. I have never had this happen before usually everything installs and you get an "installation successful", but as you can see this is not the case.
  5. Well. This happened to me. All I did was restart and try again and it installed the second time.
  6. I would hope that it work that easily for me, but I must have used well over 20 different methods to try and get this sucker to work. Apparently its a problem with the UAC, but I'm not quite sure right now.
  7. Try this:

    Uninstall all Drivers of before and then Install them Again. (Reboot after Uninstall)
  8. Tried that one already didn't work. I just can't install the damn thing I guess.

    I actually fallowed this specific one that bypasses that UAC and still can't seem to work.
  9. I'm having the same issue on a new computer build. I've never had this in the 100's of driver swaps in my personal comp. Or in the 50 + builds of friends and families comp. In this latest build, Now the desktop will start to flicker like crazy and then a freeze
    and then restart, next I get the BSD, then have to start in safe mode. I try to uninstall the driver and it does nothing as if it's not there. So I used driver cleaner plat and the last time seemed to work so far. In the 10 years playing with this stuff this is a first! I still don't know what caused it, although the 300 gb raptor HD seems very noisy to me while searching and writing compared to the 2 in my comp? Because I wasn't able to uninstall it seems that DC erased everything. So maybe something was corrupted in the file and that let me continue. Hope this helps and maybe works for you also.

    brandrixco said:
    Tried that one already didn't work. I just can't install the damn thing I guess.

    I actually fallowed this specific one that bypasses that UAC and still can't seem to work.
  10. I've run into this same problem, I thought it was the driver, so I tried to use an older GPU to narrow the possibilities, but 306.97 failed installing for me as well. No idea what to do, I suppose I'll run driver cleaner again and driver sweeper. Strange stuff, never seen an nvidia install fail like that.
  11. brandrixco said:
    Tried that one already didn't work. I just can't install the damn thing I guess.

    I actually fallowed this specific one that bypasses that UAC and still can't seem to work.

    Have you tried deleting all the Nvidia files from the System32 folder, rebooting and reinstalling?
  12. wampamagi said:
    I've run into this same problem, I thought it was the driver, so I tried to use an older GPU to narrow the possibilities, but 306.97 failed installing for me as well. No idea what to do, I suppose I'll run driver cleaner again and driver sweeper. Strange stuff, never seen an nvidia install fail like that.

    Even though I didn't get a failed install the whole driver didn't install ie, 3d, physics, ect. So I did the driver cleaner again and installed the 306.23 beta driver and it shows all installed now. I'm beginning to wonder if there's an issue with the 310 driver with some HW configs? This was a new build for my FiL. MB:EVGA P67 sli micro, HD,:WD 300gb Raptor, Mem: 4 gigs of Corsiar, GPU Evga 8500GT. Built for my Father in Law with cheap HW for the most part. I'm thinking it's the new HD now and am going to do a DLG later today when I go there. I sent out the DMP files to MS support and will let you know what I find out. Maybe we have a common issue? This is a first for me, usually the nvidia drivers are fool proof and well tested, hence the reason I think it's HW ,or a software conflict? All I know is I'm sick of playing with this thing for 3 days+
  13. This happens to me a lot when I update my Nvidia drivers. The key for me is to download the drivers, reboot the machine, and then install them. It works for me, and I bet it will work for you too considering you are having the same problem where everything installs except for the video driver.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!
  14. Well after sometime messing with this, it wound up being a bad video card. Not bad enough to not work but bad enough to cause all my headaches. I changed from an old 8500gt to an old 8800 ultra and what a difference. Can't say it's the OP problem but it sure was mine. I've never in the hundreds of driver swaps had this problem, without a reboot after downloading them? It was figured out at the MS forum from the dmp file by the way. The op doesn't seem to be having any BSD issues, but neither did I when the old comp started running bad. So that's why I built the new one with the same graphics card. So the card was the problem from the beginning and a new build probably wasn't necessary, he only uses it for email for the most part.
  15. This is the process NVIDIA chat support and I took to get my video card back in operational status. Hope you find it helpful.

    Mohemed Arshad: Hi, my name is Mohemed Arshad. How may I help you?

    Zach Oxley: Hi Mohemed. I recently purchased the GeForce 8400 GS for my HP Pavilion S3220N. After installation, all was fine, drivers loaded and was able to run HDMI from my tv. After attempting to update the driver, I am unable to use either DVI or the HDMI on the graphics card. I removed the VGA port to make it low profile. Can you help?

    Mohemed Arshad: I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, did you remove the previous drivers before installing the new ones?

    Zach Oxley: Yes I did. I removed any trace of NVIDIA from my machine (even down in the registry and then attempted to reinstall. Will not work.

    Mohemed Arshad: which operating system are you using?

    Zach Oxley: Windows 7 Home Premium

    Mohemed Arshad: Please give me two to three minutes, let me check for similar issues.

    Zach Oxley: Thank you Mohemed

    Zach Oxley: the OS is 32-bit, if that makes a difference in your search

    Mohemed Arshad: Thank you for your patience.

    Zach Oxley: Of course.

    Mohemed Arshad: I am sorry, I am not able to find any similar issues.

    Have you tried restarting the computer with only one display connected?

    Zach Oxley: That's the thing, the computer only has one monitor connected to it. I can see graphics from the stock VGA port, but not from either the DVI or HDMI ports. I just restarted the machine with only the DVI port plugged in and I see nothing on the monitor

    Zach Oxley: The only way I can view my desktop is through the stock VGA port that came with the computer

    Mohemed Arshad: ok, are you using the same computer to chat with me?

    Zach Oxley: No I am not.

    Mohemed Arshad: That's good, can you check what is listed under Display Adapters in the Device Manager?

    Zach Oxley: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)

    Zach Oxley: NVIDIA GeForce 8400GS

    Mohemed Arshad: So you see both listed there right?

    Zach Oxley: Yes. But I get no response from the video card when plugged in. Even if I plug up a second monitor and try to extend the desktop, it won't let me.

    Mohemed Arshad: Right click on GeForce 6150SE and choose uninstall. Once it completes the uninstallation it will prompt you to restart the computer, but instead shutdown the computer and then plug in the display to the GeForce 8400GS, then start your computer.

    Zach Oxley: I can't see my desktop after uninstalling 6150. I can only assume that it is done uninstalling. Should I force shut down the computer?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach

    Mohemed Arshad: Note that the motherboard will enable only one video device at a time, either the onboard or the addon card. Once you unplug the monitor from the onboard and connect it to the addon card, the motherboard will force enable the card and it will give out display. (Even when there are no drivers installed)

    Zach Oxley: no response from the video card. I only have DVI plugged in

    Mohemed Arshad: Strange, the OS should auto detect a video device in your computer.

    Is it possible to reseat the video card?

    Zach Oxley: yes, let me open up the computer.

    Mohemed Arshad: Sure

    Zach Oxley: one second. IT helpdesk stuff

    Mohemed Arshad: No problem, take your time.

    Zach Oxley: Okay, sorry. Should I boot with only DVI again?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach

    Zach Oxley: still not getting a response.

    Mohemed Arshad: Strange.

    Zach Oxley: Video card and PCI-E bay look fine.

    Zach Oxley: Is there something in the BIOS that I should check?

    Mohemed Arshad: Can you try to disable the onboard graphic adapter in the BIOS, so that the motherboard force enables the 8400GS on next restart.

    Zach Oxley: BRILLIANT. It seems that it is a BIOS issue. While i have you here, let me try to update my graphics card.

    Mohemed Arshad: Sure, Zach

    Zach Oxley: Okay, wait... I saw the boot screen, but as soon as it got to the part where it was supposed to boot windows, the screen went black.

    Mohemed Arshad: okay, can you check if you are able to get into safemode now?

    Zach Oxley: safemode with networking?

    Zach Oxley: loading safe mode.

    Mohemed Arshad: Just safemode

    Mohemed Arshad: and then you can perform a system restore or you can uninstall the current GeForce drivers.

    Zach Oxley: Okay, I'm in safemode.

    Mohemed Arshad: you can try performing a system restore or you can uninstall the current GeForce drivers from the Device Manager

    Zach Oxley: I do not see a "display adapters" section in the device manager

    Zach Oxley: I see "display", which has the yellow exclamation mark next to it.

    Mohemed Arshad: Let me know what is the error code you get once you choose properties

    Zach Oxley: code 28, drivers aren't installed for device

    Zach Oxley: shall I try to update the driver?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach.

    Before that let me know what is the current driver version?

    Zach Oxley: It does not give me a driver version

    Mohemed Arshad: okay, then it must be running in Generic drivers.

    Mohemed Arshad: Go ahead and update the drivers.

    Zach Oxley: Now I am running generic MS driver version 6.1.7600.16385

    Zach Oxley: shall I try a reboot?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes

    Zach Oxley: Okay, I am in without Safe mode.

    Mohemed Arshad: So this time you were able to boot the computer normally.

    Zach Oxley: Yes I was. But everything is huge on the screen, so I assume there is still work to be done.

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach.

    Check if you get a pop-up in the task saying a new hardware found or go to device manager and check if this card is listed in the Device Manager.

    Zach Oxley: I no longer see NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS. Let me try to check for new hardware in device man.

    Zach Oxley: Nothing.

    Zach Oxley: I'm also unable to view Aero effects in Win 7 now.

    Mohemed Arshad: Okay, can you download this driver and check if you are able to install it successfully.

    Zach Oxley: Downloading.

    Mohemed Arshad: okay

    Zach Oxley: still with me?

    Zach Oxley: Express or custom install?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach.

    Mohemed Arshad: Go ahead and perform a express installation

    Zach Oxley: Failed. Here's what I see:

    Zach Oxley: NVIDIA Update 1.11.3 Not Installed

    Zach Oxley: PhysX System Software 9.12.1031 Not installed

    Zach Oxley: 3D Vision Controller Driver 310.90 Not Installed

    Zach Oxley: HD Audio Driver Not Installed

    Zach Oxley: Graphics Driver 310.90 Failed

    Zach Oxley: 3D Vision Driver 310.90 Not Installed

    Zach Oxley: (which is the same error I get when attempting to install driver version 314.07)

    Mohemed Arshad: Generally this occurs if the drivers are interrupted by background running services or programs, we suggest users to install this driver in safemode for successfully installation.

    Can you try right click on the Driver.exe and choose run as administrator?

    Zach Oxley: Yes, attempted to run driver and got this error: Could not overwrite file "C:

    Zach Oxley: C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDruver\310.90\Win8_WinVista_Win7\English\setup.exe". Access is denied.

    Zach Oxley: I am logged on as the administrator of the machine

    Zach Oxley: it gets to 81% before displaying the error. Sorry my computer is being such a headache

    Mohemed Arshad: Strange, not sure why its trying to overwrite.

    Zach Oxley: Should I move to that folder and delete the setup file?

    Mohemed Arshad: No, Zach. That will make is more worse, because you are getting permission related errors.

    Mohemed Arshad: Can you perform a system restore to a previous restore point?

    Zach Oxley: yes

    Mohemed Arshad: Thank you, please let me know how it goes.

    Zach Oxley: okay, will do.

    Zach Oxley: Thank you for your help thus far.

    Mohemed Arshad: You're welcome

    Zach Oxley: Restoring back to Friday, March 1, when everything was working as it should. I'll keep you updated.

    Mohemed Arshad: okay

    Zach Oxley: Okay, the system has been restored

    Mohemed Arshad: okay, let me know if everything is working normally

    Zach Oxley: Seems to be installing video card drivers currently.

    Mohemed Arshad: Once this is done, it will ask you to restart the computer or you can restart the computer manually.

    Let me know what is the driver version that's installed.

    Zach Oxley: Will do.

    Zach Oxley:

    Mohemed Arshad: okay that's version 311.06, a customized driver which was released earlier this year.

    Zach Oxley: Okay, let me see if I can update

    Zach Oxley: okay, 314.07 is available.

    Zach Oxley: well, windows prompts me that there is an available update... but NVIDIA update tells me that there isn't

    Zach Oxley: which should I believe

    Zach Oxley: ?

    Mohemed Arshad: Your current driver is a WDDM driver (Windows Display Driver Model), it a whole set of drivers from Microsoft.

    NVIDIA also make drivers for your video card and there is no much difference with WDDM.

    This is why you are prompted for a update on Windows Update and NVIDIA Update cannot identify this WDDM driver.

    Zach Oxley: ah, okay.

    Zach Oxley: will download and attempt an update. Everything looks great so far

    Mohemed Arshad: Sure, Zach.

    I suspect that this could have occurred due to the drivers that you installed, when you installed the drivers there may be few background applications that could have interrupted the drivers during installation.

    Zach Oxley: so I should run this one as administrator, then?

    Mohemed Arshad: Yes, Zach

    Zach Oxley: Installing right now. Bear with me for one more moment and then I will let you go.

    Mohemed Arshad: Sure

    Zach Oxley: Screen just went black. Should I plug up the the integrated VGA to see if all is well with the install?

    Mohemed Arshad: No, Zach.

    The display should come back again.

    Zach Oxley: Okay. Typically, how long does the installation process take?

    Mohemed Arshad: It usually lasts around 5-10 mins on a average computer.

    Zach Oxley: Okay, well with that, I will let you go. Thank you so much for your help. Can't express how helpful it has been.

    Mohemed Arshad: You're welcome, Zach.

    Its was my pleasure in helping you.

    Please do me a small favor.

    Zach Oxley: Absolutely

    Mohemed Arshad: Please let me know the status of this issue, You will get an email with this chat log, you can reply back to that email to get in touch with me again.

    Zach Oxley: I will.

    Mohemed Arshad: Thank you :)

    Zach Oxley: Thank you! :)
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