New computer build complete but cant get picture

I just finished building my new computer, and I can't get a signal to my monitor, which means no bios or anything, i'm stuck. I have tried with multiple cords and multiple monitors(TV). I went back and checked all connections, and all seem fine, Cpu fan, Video card fan, case fans, and the disc drive are all working, just no signal from my video card. My monitor is a VGA only LCD and where it plugs into the video card it's adapted from the VGA to DVI. I really want to get this build working, so any help would be awesome.

Sys Specs
MB: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3 (PCI 2.0 standard)
Memory: 8G Corsair Vengence
CPU: AMD 3.3 GHz FX 6100
Video Card: Sapphire HD 7850 (PCI 3.0 standard)
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  1. Is the adapter a DVI-A or DVI-I? If it is DVD-D, it has no analog for the older VGA display.
  2. Between 3 different certified people (lol), we found that it most likely is the MB. It won't give beep codes at all, even if the CPU and RAM is gone. When we used a known good video card, it would constantly cycle through an on/off state, and this video card was the rinky-dink kind that doesn't even require an external power source. The PSU was working appropriatly too, so it was definitely the MB. It is being RMA'd :]
  3. Sorry to hear that it requires a wait for a new board, but happy to hear that it is solved. At least being new, you don't have to eat the cost. I build several PCs a year, and the most often DOA item is always the MB. I guess it makes sense since it contains the most components that can fail.
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