Call of Duty - Very High Frames - Choppy

I have MW2 and COD 4 installed and tried playing them.

They both get above 90 FPS when in multiplayer, but every time I move the camera or the body, it seems like it is 30 frames per second even though it is not.

Just right now, I got done playing COD 4 campaign, the first mission.

Some places, it would go over 300 FPS, and in some instances drop to 120 all of a sudden, but the performance doesn't match the frames.

Really choppy gameplay while getting very high frames, doesn't make sense.

When I turn V-Synch on for both games, the Input Lag is horrendous.

Could it also because of my Harddrive?

Is it because of my Nvidia Control Panel settings?

GTX 670 FTW edition
i5 3570k
8gb RAM
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  1. Set in NV Control Panel "Let 3D application decide".

    If it doesn't work then Apply "Use Advanced 3D image settings"
    And set it according your needs.
  2. get msi afterburner, set your osd so you could actually see your fps, fraps is also an option
  3. I chose "Let application decide"

    saw no difference. Also tinkered with Use Advanced Settings, same results. Don't know if this problem is only for COD games.

    Bad Company 2 plays fine with Frames over 100 on highest settings. Tried V-Sync, very bad input lag.

    Left 4 Dead, runs great, doesn't seem to have the same problems of COD with jerky frames, but when I choose V-sync, the same problem, input lag. Triple Buffering makes it unplayable.
  4. Run in boarderless windowed mode and enjoy butter smooth framerate.
  5. Maybe then shift to more Demanding game rather than Old Less demanding game.
    GTX 670 is meant for high games.
  6. True, but is there a reason why there is so much input lag with V-Sync on in any game?
    Is it normal?

    Just tried playing Battlefield 3, great frames and smooth, but when I turn V-sync on, there is a lot of input lag.
  7. Input latency of vsync is calculated by the following formula:

    (1 / RefreshRate) - (1 / FramesPerSecWithoutVSync)

    The reason input lag happens is due to the way it works. Try enabling triple buffering, that might help.
  8. I tried Left 4 Dead, and the Triple Buffering option makes it unplayable,

    idk why this is happening.

    Tried a bunch of games, all V-sync settings cause a lot of input lag.
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