Dell u2412 u2410 eyefnity mix

I am looking to run an eyefinity setup for work and gaming alike.

I do photography work often and am finding myself doing it on a much more regular basis (both product photography and weddings / sports etc) and from what I can read the 2410 is the monitor for me. however I only use my main monitor for in depth photography work, the others are for workspace / gaming.

so my question is this. if I get a u2410 in the middle, flanked by u2412's on the sides, will the different panels leave me with clear colour deformities?

I currently have acer TN monitors and the colour differences between them drive me nuts (one has extremely dark blacks while one makes black look like a light Grey, same problems on colours, one has what seems like vibrant colours, and the only is pretty washed out. for the most part it doest bother me, but sometimes it drives me nuts just how different they can be. will I have this problem with the dells or will it be minor?
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  1. You shouldn't run into any issues with using a different type of monitor to support eyefinity. If there are color differences you may experience the other screens being worse or better depending on how good they are but no. What is stopping you from getting 2 more 2410's if you don't mind me asking. I would also take a look at the ASUS monitors Dell has a pretty long history of being jerks with customer service. I'm not exactly sure what your budget is but I'll make a couple of suggestions for you sir/ miss. Also keep in mind ASUS monitors typically come with ARR which means when something goes wrong and you RMA they pay for it to be sent to them and ask you send it they send you a new one now that is customer service. This is just a suggestion something to kind of get you to think about it really.

    Proart series IPS panel has color pre calibrated and is designed primarly for what you do it also has a good response time for games 5-6 ms is normally fairly good.
    This is the one I personally landed on its a little cheaper then the PA due to the 16:10 / 1920x1200 the other one has and I wasn't looking to spend beyond 200-250.
    Now I'm making this suggestion because the screen size makes me feel like for most a eyefinity setup becomes less and less attractive just because of the sheer size of the screen and also because its wide and is 1440p which is pretty sexy.
  2. Originally I was looking at 3x 2410s, but the price is considerably higher, I dont really have a "set" budget, but I do want to keep it low as possible, (right now the U2410 is on sale for $450, and the 2412 is on sale for $250, so $950 is a lot less them $1350, and since the side monitors will generally be for extra work space (file folders, email web pages etc) while only the middle will be used for any photoshop work, I figured I could save a few bucks. that and the LED power savings on the side monitors isnt a bad thing either.

    that said, I dont want the panels to look completely different either as I would like them to look natural together, my current ones dont and it tends to bother me.

    I also want 1920x1200, not looking for a 1080 monitor at all, one of the reasons ive been looking at dells is ive consistently heard they have the best customer service and a zero dead pixel guarantee, even a single dead pixel will grate on me like crazy and is unacceptable imo, many places ive read will not replace unless theres X number of dead/stuck/bright pixels, but automatically rules them out for me.

    I just looked up the PA248Q however and it does look like a very nice monitor, i like the usb3.0 (i have way to many usb cables running under and around my desk, so the hubs would be nice, and 3.0 never hurts eithor) LED is also good, 3x monitors it will add up power saving wise, and the price seems to be about $320 so I can get 3 of the same thing for the price of mixing and matching the dells... very nice indeed... something to look into as long as I can find a retailer who can guarantee me perfect pixels.. ive read to get the dells with the perfect pixel warranty I need to but direct from as they wont honor it from resellers, not sure how it would work with Asus, but 3 monitors at a time raises the odds of one with a problem, which is what has me partially on edge.

    downside after reading a bit into it, it seems like it doesn't match the 2410 for colour accuracy as its a 6 bit e-IPS panel (comparable to the 2412).. duoh...

    as for problems, I didnt really mean technical problems with eyefinity or the like, I meant with 3 monitors looking at them would they look similar or would they all look to be displaying different colours
  3. I wouldn't go as far to say that Dell has good support. If you pay for there support you get good support is probably more like it. As I understand it you have to pay a extra fee to get US based technical support which is crap.

    I also agree the more variables that you add to the equation the more likely something will go wrong. However, given that these monitors are tested and color calibrated the PA series monitors from ASUS I wouldn't worry.

    The PB series has higher specifications in some areas so maybe that is something they addressed in the followup series. More or less I just thought to throw in a alternative series so you could have something else to look at.
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