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So I currently have the coolermaster Eliete 430. I have 2 top 120mm, 1 rear 120mm, 1 side 120mm and 1 front 120mm blue LED fans in it, along with a push/pull config on the CPU (i5 2500k and CM Hyper 212 evo), and a Sapphire 7950 Boost (dual fan). It is extremely loud. I have my CPU overclocked to 4.4, and my 7950 at 1100/1425.

So I want to upgrade to a full tower case to help with airflow, cooling, and noise. I live in a small bachelor so I want it to be quiet, I also want a side window with a side fan. And from what I've gathered having a side window and a big side fan is a lot to ask. Ideally, I would also like a fan controller, but as long as its quiet it doesn't really matter.

Now I have looked at the HAF 932 Blue (because i want lighting on all or most pf the fans, but the window is small, and I have read some shady reviews about the airflow on th fans). and the Storm Trooper (full of 120mm fans which in my experience have been very loud although it has a controller).

So, my question is what should I get? I would rather not go above $150 on this case. Looking for peoples experiences with cases and recommendations! I'm very open to other options!

I am also looking at a new power supply. When I originally built my rig (as a noob) I bought from what I thought as a known and trusted supplier and it turned out not to be so, so I ended up getting a garbage power supply (currently have an Ultra LSP 650 powering my pc, which scares me to death).

Any recommendation of something good that could power Crossfire (future) and my other hardware would be great. I looked at the TX750 and HX750 (not sure if i want to go modular yet or not, does it really matter when you can hide the cables behind the mobo tray anyways? Or should I go with an 850 to be safe?

I'm looking for the best bang for buck I can get here, any help is appreciated!
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  1. I would get a AX 750 watt and a Haf 932 or a CM Storm Stryker/trooper
  2. the ax is significantly more expensive than the hx or tx, is it worth it? I'm bouncing between the two cases but feel like their not 100% for me, if i was to settle on one it would be the HAF932 blue edition.Also looking at other options that may be better for me that I dont know about.
  3. Well you said you were willing to buy 850. why not buy a quality made 750 watt gold rated with FULLY MODULAR cables. its worth the extra 20-30$ over the TX. the HX on the other hand I recommend it as well. Its gold rated and it might match the whole blue theme your going for!

    The HAF 932 advanced it a GREAT case. the blue edition is just a 932 with blue fans so it gets my approval
  4. your right, I never thought about the color themes matching lol.....I'm not all about the blue necessarily, i just want a fancy looking lit up case that's quiet and provides great airflow and for the extra 20 bucks it seems the blue looks cooler than the red one and has fan switches (not really sure where they are or how they work but apparently their there!) ... im looking at crossfiring in the future, with these overclocks might it be a good idea to get an 850? (I dont ever plan on going trifire).
  5. 750 watts will be fine. Also the Stryker is the same case as the trooper. My friend has a Stryker and I have the trooper. There is litteraly no difference. Honestly if your lighting your build. White leds is the best color. It brings out the color of all your other parts
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