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Hello I have just built a PC and I am trying to install Debian on it, but every time I go to boot the OS from the disk I get "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter" I have tried loading Windows 7 on here as well and I get the same message. I'm trying to install it onto a brand new HDD. I tried loading Debian onto a HDD with Windows 7 already installed (which was the furthest I could get) and when it came to the part where I had to mount my CD-ROM drive it kept failing. Here are some of my specs:

Motherboard: GA-970A-UD3
Optical Drive: modisc lg super multi

So is the problem with the mobo or the optical drive or what? I'm completely at a loss here. Thanks for any help you can give me!
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  1. wow, sounds almost like an optical drive failure eh? try unplugging its cables and reseating them, surely it can't be the ODD...i suppose it could be i guess...i'd be surprised lol.
  2. Try installing it from a bootable usb, that'll narrow down if it's the optical or if the problem lies elsewhere.
  3. mikerockett said:
    Try installing it from a bootable usb, that'll narrow down if it's the optical or if the problem lies elsewhere.

    um...yeah...good idea...i'm an idiot lol.
  4. check that the cd-rom showing up in the bios. ide channe 0 and one set to auto in the bios. also in the bios you have to change the boot order for the first boot device to your cd-rom.
  5. Augray37 said:
    um...yeah...good idea...i'm an idiot lol.

    The more we know the less we think about the simple things :)
  6. I have the boot order as:
    1. CD-ROM
    2. USB
    3. HDD

    Also it looks like the BIOS is detecting the CD-ROM drive. I will try booting from a USB after my morning class.
  7. Not a lot other than check it's all connected correctly, if it is, the bios should pick it up.

    If it doesn't it's either faulty drive, faulty cable, faulty sata connector on mobo, faulty sata power from PSU.

    Try a different cable and socket for each if you can and see if that changes anything.

    Also do you have another cd rom or one you can borrow to test with? That's the easiest way. If that's picked up then you know it's your optical drive thats the issue.
  8. Well now here's the kind of messed up thing, when I load Windows from the HDD that already had it installed the disk drive works just fine. I'm completely at my whits end with this machine. What does it want from me?!?!
  9. make sure the cd you made for the other os is bootable...did you try it in another pc to see if it boots?? if the disk boots fine in another pc. check to see if your sata ports set to raid/ide/achi mode. the last two modes are standard modes for sata drives when there one main drive and not a raid set up. a lot of these new mb have efi bios and some of them put efi-cd-rom as a boot device. some mb like yours you should be able to hit f8 and bring up a boot menu order and select the cd-rom then to boot from.
    the other issue could be the iso image your booting from is missing the amd chipset drivers for the mb. like windows install sometime you have to do a custom install and install the needed missing drivers.
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