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Hi, I have a laptop with a ati 4650 graphics card. Up until today, I was running games fine, but all of a sudden at the exact same settings I'm getting huge drops where I max out at 0.8 fps. I've tried playing Dota 2 and LoL, and both games have this problem where my fps simply stagnates at 2. The only weird thing I noticed is that my system and CCC are both detecting my graphics card as 6500M/5600/5700 series.
As you can tell, I am pretty clueless about computers. Any help?
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  1. Go into task manager and check your CPU usage. It is probably not the graphics cards issue, more like your CPU. Make sure before you go into games that no other programs are running, and close non essential services and programs that are eating up memory (you can sort programs/ services by clicking memory use and put them in a list from most used to least used, and close non essential ones that use up a lot of memory).
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