Great hardware, terrible fps.

Hey there,

I've recently built a new rig after purchasing about $1300 of computer components during the Black Friday sales. My issue I'm currently having is my lack of fps. I would assume that I could run most, if not all, games on high graphics- which is not the case. I can barely play simple games, such as Team Fortress 2, on low settings without having 15-23 fps.

I'll post my rig information at the bottom of the post, but any help would be most appreciated. The last thing I want to do is rip my computer apart and RMA my components.

P.S- I apologize for the abnormally large Spoiler box. If I knew how to decrease the size of the window, I would have.


CPY: Intel i7 2600k
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2GB
HD1: Vertex 3 128GB SSD
HD2: WD 500GB
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  1. This report isn't giving Important Information. Rather Give a pic of GPUz and CPUz.
    And remove this, its too Huge to scroll down

    Install MSI AfterBurner
    Play a Game and check the GPU Usage and Temp
    Share here.
  2. ^ +1 It took me a while but the info is there!
    @ MMPLegacy: Something's very wrong there, by second E6600/8800GT (Yes THE 8800GT) is faster.
    Boot the system, open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and check the CPU usage and what processes are running. At idle you might see plenty of stuff loaded and running but CPU useage should be tiny.
  3. The essential information out of the spoiler box:

    Processor: Intel i7-2600K
    Memory: 16 GB DDR3
    Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 660 2 GB
    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Monitor resolution: 1920x1080

    You can remove the rest.

    Still missing info about the power supply unit, motherboard, CPU cooling, overclocking (if there has been any), hard drive configuration and computer case.
  4. YOUR spoiler is blank.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Ya - wondering where the rest of the $1300 went. Should have been able to get a better GPU into that budget w/ Black Friday deals.
  7. if you installed the drivers off the motherboard disc............... go to windows update and let it run.
  8. load cpu and gpu temps would be nice to know, maybe it's overheating and throttling down...

    and i really hate how the spoiler tags work on this forum, they're completely useless lol
  9. Did you update your drivers recently?
  10. Sorry, I figured that would give a full description of what was in my computer- but here is the list of components:

    Processor: Intel i7 2600k
    Power Supply: RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-630SS 630W
    Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2GB
    RAM: 16GB DDR3
    HD1: Vertex 3 128GB SSD
    HD2: WD 500GB

    Don't know if I'm missing anything else, but that's most of the components right there..
  11. Oh, temperature; my board tends to run around 36C.
  12. Raidmax PSU could be problem. Cause components to throttle down to lack of power.
  13. Is there any way to check power distribution?
  14. No really. However, you could check CPU and GPU usage. If the GPU usage isn't at 99% and the CPU usage is very low, it could indicate lack of power. Though, I doubt it's that.

    Which Nvidia driver version are you running?
  15. Hmm.. don't know if this is correct, but Also, I forgot to mention something else- I don't know if it makes a difference or not- but I'm currently running two monitors. They're both different monitors; Ones a Asus 24", the other is a 19". I don't know if the difference in resolution would affect it, kinda like having four different tires for a truck would mess *** up.
  16. It's correct. Look at last 5 digits - it's 310 70 version.

    And no, the difference in monitor size shouldn't affect it at all.

    Oh, just one thing: you didn't forget to actually plug your monitor into the graphics card instead of the motherboard, did you?
  17. Honestly, I thought it was pretty self-explanatory when plugging in the monitors? Time to find out!
  18. Report your findings!
  19. Hmm, they were plugged into the mother board the whole time! No, seriously- they're in the graphics card, lol.
  20. Okay, too bad the fix wasn't that easy :).

    Next step is to download MSI Afterburner, go to its settings -> monitoring, select GPU Usage and tick "Show in On-Screen Display". Press OK and without exiting MSI afterburner launch a game in which you have bad performance. Report the average GPU usage - you should see it in top left corner of the game.

    P. S. Could you press quick edit on your original post and delete that huge piece of useless info? Would make navigating through the thread much easier.
  21. Alright, sorry for the late reply- had to run out. Well, I fixed the original post, and I'll get back to you on the MSI afterburner!
  22. Alright- I tested it on Dead Island, and I was getting an average of 95-99%.
  23. And how is the performance like on dead island?
  24. Terrible. I manage to get around 20 fps with the lowest settings, which (I assume) shouldn't be happening.
  25. Could you use the same MSI afterburner to check GPU core and memory clocks?
  26. little late on this thread and didn't fully read it but.......... try resetting the cmos first.

    if that doesn't help, if running 4 sticks of ram try 2 in the proper slots.

    really bad performance for good components........ although I am unfamiliar with the games.
  27. Well, I'm currently running two sticks of 8GB :P
  28. did you reset the cmos?
  29. @Sunius

    I am capable of checking the GPU core and Memory clocks.
  30. Okay, report back. I'd also try what swifty morgan suggested.
  31. The core and memory clocks go from being 1137, then dropping off to around 300.
  32. 300 while in game?
  33. Nah, 300 during idle, 1137 for GPU, and 3007 for Mem while in game.
  34. Okay. Could you open Nvidia control panel, navigate to 3D settings, go to global settings tab. Then, screenshot all the settings. They won't fit all in one screenshot, so just scroll down to make a second one. Then, go to Program Settings tab, set the application to the game that is lagging, and screenshot the settings again.

    Upload the 4 screenshots to (don't forget to select "Do not resize" option!) and post the links to them here.

    I wasn't able to choose Dead Island specifically because it runs from Steam, so I just chose Steam in its place.
  36. why are you ignoring the "reset cmos" suggestion? don't know how to do it? look in the booklet that came with the mobo. one of the simplest things and easiest "fixes" and you're blowing it off.
  37. In global AND steam settings select power management mode to prefer maximum performance and vertical sync to adaptive.

    Report whether it helps.
  38. Nothing changed. I was still running at 16-23 fps on lowest settings :(
  39. Ok something is amiss. At this point I'd suggest reinstalling windows.

    There's one more thing that may help, but it's not a 100% fix. Disable Hyperthreading in BIOS. If that doesn't help, reinstalling windows will be the only option.
  40. I don't know if this helps, but when I do a 3DMark11 test, my combined score is TERRIBLE. My graphics and physics scores were good, but when it came to combined, it was horrendous..
  41. Could you tell us the numbers?
  42. Yeah, I just did a test;

    Here's a link to the scores:
  43. Indeed it's very strange. BTW is this a fresh windows installation?
  44. Yeah, I installed windows when I built the computer.
  45. I'd try reinstalling them - since it's a fresh install, I'm sure you don't have much stuff installed yet. That's the only solution I can think of now.
  46. Hmm, alright. Thanks for all of the help, Sunius. I may just look around on the forums a little more. I've read something about my motherboard may be bottlenecking my CPU and GPU, so I'm going to look into that a little more.
  47. no your motherboard isnt bottlenecking anything. I would however, ditch that radimax psu because if it isnt causing a problem now, it will soon enough and may cause failure of the psu and take out other components with it. Radimax has a very bad track record. But check temps, if somethig is overheating you will get low performance from high end components. Also, re-seat the video card in the pcie slot, in case of bad connection. Check the extra power connector is connected properly- reseat that too. I have found issues with installing any Virtue Lucid software that lets you hybrid the onboard video and the dedicted video, causes severe FPS issues. Dont install that motherboard software.
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