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Gfx card h/w issue?

December 23, 2012 6:40:51 AM

These are my current specs
MSI890GXM-G65 mobo
amd phenom IIx6 1055t(@3.5Ghz)
corsair VX450PSU
MSI R7850 power edition gfx card.

I believe its a very rare issue. My gfx card work absolutely fine when I am gaming and even when my system is idle. I have not OCed the card its factory overclocked working with default settings.

According to my computer settings my display monitor is supposed to be turned off after 5 min. As soon as my display tunrs off the gfx card start making noise because card fan goes to zero and then 30%. It keep on fluctuating even the core clock and temps. I recorded it via msi after burner s/w. Even the LED lights of the card turns on and off and as soon as I move the mouse or push any key to turn on my display the card works fine and everything becomes normal?

So whats exactly the issue is it the gfx card or it can be mobo? I have done burn test for like 8hrs straight via prime95 and there was no issues.

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