DDR RAM problem

I got a DDR RAM 512 MB PC2100, non ECC, 2.5 CAS latency. My mobo is Soyo K7V Dragon+ with the latest BIOS upgrade.

If I set the DRAM clock to 133MHz, the BIOS will detect all 512 MB, but the system will not boot as WinXP complains about NTFS.sys being corrupt, even though it is not, and asks me to repair from the installation CD. The WinXP installation CD is not booting either (not even Mandrake installation CD). WinXP does not complain if I disable the CPU internal cache, but disabling CPU internal cache means very (VERY) slow.

However, if I set the DRAM clock to 100 MHz, the BIOS will only detect 256 MB. The system and Windows XP run fine this way.

I would like to get all 512 MB to be recognized by the BIOS without the system getting all problematic at me. I'm starting to wonder if I should get ECC memory or registered memory.

So any help or suggestion on what I should do is appreciated.
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  1. First ECC-memory will not improve, it only has error correction, but that lowers performace, it is only interesting if you work with very important data or run a server.
    See if changing the DIMM to a different slot helps, also check if your memory timings are set to normal and that your CAS Latency is set to 2.5.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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