GTX 670 driver seems to be crashing but with no error message

This problem only started happening since yesterday after installing Natural Selection 2 the day before. Game will be running normally, temperatures are all under 67 degrees celsius, then my screen will flicker black for a second, the game will pop back up, but the FPS stays around 15-20fps and won't recover. I looked at precisions logs and it shows every monitor for the card dropping to 0, ALMOST as if the card is just like..disconnecting itself from the computer. At first it only did it on NS2, but now it's doing it on every game I try.

I've had this happen on another card before, but it always gave me the "this driver has stopped yada yada yada" error when it happened, this one gives me nothing.

Running on latest drivers as well.
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  1. What is your complete system specs?
  2. i5 2500k @4ghz MSI P67A-C43(b3) motherboard
    8gigs ram at 1333mhz
    PNY Geforce gtx670 @ stock clocks(noticed it seems to be underclocking itself to 705mhz during games)
  3. Which PSU are you using (Make/Model)?
  4. Huh, turns out it's a problem with the newest set of Nvidia drivers, did some digging today and found quite a few people are having similar issues. Reverted back to the last drivers and everything is normal.

  5. Well that is good to know. Glad you have your system back after all of the hassles:)
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