Something's wrong with my Gigabyte 6850 HD

as the title says, I have an AMD Gigabyte 6850 HD 1GB graphics card.
in the past 2 weeks, my system crashes while I'm playing Battlefield 3 or any other game, after 5~10 and sometimes 20 mins of launching the game.
the monitor says "No signal" as if I shut down the PC, but I can still hear the PSU fan is working and I can see the light inside the case is on, when I start the PC again right after, I check the GPU temp, and I it's 90~95C and cooling down very slowly.
I posted a thread in this section about the issue and I was told it was the PSU(I have an ATX 550W PSU).
but today I noticed something strange: I opened the CCC and put the GPU fan to 100% and the noise coming from the fans didn't increase, I opened the case and I found out that the fans are not spining for some reason.
I gave the GPU fans a little push with a screw driver and they started working, after about 15 minutes one of the fans stops for 1 second and then starts spining again for 2 or 3 seconds, then stops again and then spins again for 2 or 3 seconds again, while the other is working fine after I gave it that little push and this goes on while I write this.
I bought the card like 9 months ago.
whats wrong?
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    You, my friend, have need of a warranty claim.
    The fans are dead or at Deaths Door and, fairly soon, they'll kill the card as well.
    It's not unknown for the fans in a dual fan setup to fail, most twin fan setups can operate with one, albeit with higher temperatures, and unless the user keeps a close eye on those temperatures the failure can go unnoticed-until the second fails that is.
  2. I agree with coozie. Contact the warranty service.
  3. I see, thanks for replying.
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