What To Upgrade In My Computer For $100

Hey guys,

I just wanna know what to upgrade or add to my computer for around $100 that will make it better, these are my specs:

Intel Core i5 overclocked to 4.3 GHz
Razer Death Adder mouse 2013 edition (new)
Widetech Keyboard
8GB 1600MHz Ram
1TB HDD 7200rpm
GTX 680 2GB Nvidia Graphics
800W PSU
p8z77-m motherboard
Dell 23 Inch Monitor 1920x1080 (new)
DVD Drive (hardly ever use it)
Wireless Network adapter (work well, enough dont need new one)
Logitech G35 Headset (Good Headset, the only annoying part is the cable)
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  1. is that really worth it though? cause i keep a lot of games on my hdd and i wouldnt like to reformat it.
  2. SSD indeed, without a second thought!
  3. SSD is definitely the upgrade to go for here. It can be a pain reinstalling and formatting etc but once you've done it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  4. do i have to reformat my HDD? or can i just unplug it and install windows on the ssd and plug it back in after to launch games from there, when im using my ssd as my primary hardrive
  5. You wont need to reformat your HDD if you dont want to. You will need to install your games onto the SSD though.

    Your best bet will be OS, games and common programs you use installed on the SSD and superfluous programs and media/data on the HDD.
  6. You could also use the SSD as a cache drive
  7. what is a cache drive? I tried to find what it is, but no luck?
  8. It's not really applicable to you as you are looking at a large 120gb drive you have no need for a cache drive.

    Essentially a cache drive is a small SSD that's used in conjunction with mechanical HDD. When you write information it quickly writes it to the SSD, that information will then be written at a slower pace to the mechanical HDD in the background.

    So you attain a better speed over mechanical drives but not as good as just using a SSD for the boot drive.
  9. atos28 said:
    what is a cache drive? I tried to find what it is, but no luck?

    If you have a micro center near you, Visit them, You may be able to get a few extra parts who knows, They have great in-store deals going on right now, i7 3770k is only like $200 atm, great deals cause of taxes so this is the time to hit them up.
  10. atos28 said:
    what is a cache drive? I tried to find what it is, but no luck?

    Sorry, it's technically called Intel Smart Response Technology. Mikerockett explained how it works. I believe the max it could use is 64GB and the left over space would be used as a separate partition. I only suggested it since you wouldn't need to re-install anything; but, installing Windows onto the SSD would definitely be the way to go. I bought a 120GB SSD a few months ago and it's definitely worth the trouble of having to re-install things.
  11. I looked into it, and i dont think an SSD is worth it for me because i have a tonne of games and i adds up to over 200GB, which is a lot more then 128GB ssd, and i carnt afford a bigger spaced one. Anything else i can upgrade that will help me?
  12. Not really.

    I would either save up some more and get a bigger SSD. Or get the 128gb SSD and prioritize your most played games, and or, games with the most significant loading time.
  13. Hi again,

    I looked into the ssd's and i don't it is worth it for me until they get cheaper and bigger internal space. My computer turns on in about 1 minute or 1 minute and 30 secs, which isnt a big deal for me. Is there anything else i can upgrade to make my system better? cause i don't like the idea of an ssd and dont think it delivers enough for me.
  14. It's not just the start up your computer it will affect, it will be all your other loading times too, the whole computer will feel much snappier.

    As already mentioned there's not much else worth upgrading.
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