230 $ upgrade for gaming

Hello guys,it's since a while that i have in plan to upgrade the components of my pc and for xmass i have 230$ for upgrading my hw.
Obviously to not go in a cpu limited state the upgrade could not be so significant but it still have a sense to me because right now games on my pc runs very bad to the point that even WoW lag.

i post right here my actual build:

Model: Packard Bell imedia S3710
CPU: Pentium Dual Core CPU E5300 @2.60 GHz
system: x64
VGA: Nvidia GeForce G210
Alimentator: 250W

p.s. i have in mind to buy a gtx650 and a 450w alimentator (they said me that the blizzard games prefears the nvidia vga's and that they never cause problem with the driver update).

Thank you and merry christmas to all.
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  1. I would suggest not going with GTX 650. It's severely underpowered and overpriced. Go with GTX 650 Ti instead; it's just a bit more expensive but much more powerful.

    By alimentator I suppose your mean the power supply unit :)? If you buy a new one, make sure to stick with one of the quality brands, that is Antec, Corsair, FSP, Seasonic and XFX. Stay away away from brands like Cooler Master, their power supply units aren't worth a penny.
  2. ^ +1 with him GTX 650 Ti 1GB DDR5 will be good. dont go with DDR3

    for PSU :
    corsair cx 430 is now very cheap at 25 usd
    and xfx 550 is even better at 39 price point

    Alimentator PSU has no good reputation
  3. I'm pretty sure alimentator is Romanian for the power supply unit, and it's not a brand :D
  4. an xfx 550 costs like 69 EUR , is there a product at the same quality but cheaper than this?
  5. These should be cheaper, but just as good:

    Corsair CX 430
    Antec VP 450
  6. another question, is there the possibility that the alimentator could not enter in the case? the size of those products is universal or not?
    Ty for the answers and Merry Christmas
  7. They are mostly universal, however, a computer case is very small, a smaller unit could be used. If in doubt, take a picture of your current one and we'll tell you whether a new one will fit.

    Merry Christmas to you too :).
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