Will this work ?

Ok so I was looking at doing this:

Thermaltake v3 Black Edition Case
6 x 120MM Case Fans
ASrock z77 Extreme 4 Motherboard
MSI 660 TI 3gb Video Card
Intel i5 3570k Processor
Corsair Vengeance XMS3 1333mhz 8gb (2x4gb) ram
500gb 7200rpm hard drive
Standard CD-Rom
Cooler Master v8 Processor Cooler
PSU Antec Neo Eco 520w 80 Plus

Is this power supply powerful enough to run this system ?

I plan to overclock the processor to 4ghz, and the video card is overclocked 50mhz on core, and 175mhz on memory clock

Do I need to upgrade the PSU, or is this capable of running this setup ?
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    i think that's the lowest you can go with your setup if you want to overclock it but i would get a better one in my opinion
  2. You might just be able to get it going with that PSU. As Intel CPUs are quite low wattage, however if you plan on overclocking as HopelessNoob said, it would be best to go for 600 at least, for some headroom
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