Msi gtx 660 tf oc vs msi hd 7870 OC

which one i should get? about the performance and stability..
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  1. What are your specs so that we can choose the best one for you?
    And also, what games are you going to play if you are choosing the card for gaming?
    And what resolution?

    We need some more information, mate.
  2. i want to play moh warfighter, far cry 3, cod black ops 2 at res 1920x1080 on ultra setting

    my pc spec:
    CPU=core i3-3220 3.3Ghz
    MO = gigabyte z77m-d3h
    RAM= 4g ddr3
    power supply = aerocool e80-600 600W.
    display=LG LED hdtv 23"
  3. In that case I'd go with GTX 660. It got better benchmark results in these games.
  4. but my motherboard did support for crossfire.. they said hd7870 perform better..i dunno..and more stock clock.. and for driver stability which one is better?
  5. I'd +1 the GTX660, but be aware that nothing less than a GTX670 can max Far Cry 3 at 1080p AA. Everything else though the GTX660 will be awesome in. As for drivers, there's two opinions there... half of us feel nVidia has a history of much better, more reliable drivers. The other half feel AMD have caught up and the two are the same. Nobody would argue AMD's drivers are better though.

    EDIT: And don't worry about clock speed - it's only relevant when comparing two models of the same card (e.g. two different 7870s).
  6. so according to my motherboard which is support for crossfire..did you think i should get the hd7870 ?? i heard that nvidia is more better for texel rate...and memory clock on nvidia card are huge than ati..
  7. If you are planning to use a pair of 7870's, then go with it as your MoBo supports it, but if you are going to play with a single card, the GTX 660 is better.
  8. Honestly one of either. Just depends on what "Camp" you fill like sitting in for now.

    They're both great cards that fill different needs.

    I personaly would go with the GTX 660, But I tend to be biased againts AMD
  9. +1 to Madi. And don't worry about texel rate, clock speed or anything like that :-) It's all a means to an ends. The differences in GPU architecture have a massive impact on performance, so you can't combine a dozen different specs to calculate real performance. That's what benchmarks are for ;-)
  10. I have that MSI GTX 660 TF OC.
    It runs all the games mentioned above very smoothly.

    EVEN Farcry 3. Don't worry, it gives a very smooth experience. :love:
  11. and one more
    gtx660 ti 2gb/192 bit and hd7870 2gb/256 there any different??
  12. GTX 660 Ti is better than 7870.
    If you can get that, Get it.
  13. Don't worry about 192-bit. That's one third of what calculates bandwidth (which is what counts, not bus width) but it still doesn't matter compared to the end results, which you get from benchmarks.

    I explained in the 2nd post:
  14. i think i have no prob with both gpu..explaination from all of you very help me on choosing between friend all nvdia fanboy...i dont know..still confuse...actually i want nvdia card..but my mobo support crossfire so in future i dont know maybe i want to cf my gpu... if i buy nvdia card so i cant utilize my mobo then..
  15. Why would a Company make a 192bit Bus width if that would Lag? Have they gone Nuts?
    A company would never want their product to be Crappy at any cost.
    Nvidia is the Leading Brand. And there is a reason behind that.

    GTX 660 ti maybe a Overpriced Card and doesn't give a Reasonable performance for the Price, but still better than 7870 or 7950 (According to my Opinion, I don't want any argument. Had enough Argument today)

    So for 192bit Width, I'd only say that its a Myth.
    It doesn't effect its performance.
  16. Like Sumuhk says, GTX660 is best is you're happy with a single card (I'd prefer a single GPU setup anyway - dual-GPU setups didn't work well for me). But if you really want two cards and don't want to replace the motherboard, it's gotta be 7870.
  17. the 7870 is faster than the gtx 660, and when overclock kicks it in the teeth way fast.

    yes the gtx 660ti is a bit more expensive but worth it,. but in benches when nicely overclocked a 7870 can equalize and beat a stock 7950 and gtx 660ti!.

    but when overclocked the gtx 660ti takes the crown tho.
  18. Well in all fairness you are trying to compare a card that competes with the 7950 so of course the 660 TI is faster.It's not a fair match though.
  19. yes well like i said, get urself a nice 7870 overclock it beyond 1120mhz and ur gonna beat the gtx 660ti and 7950 for far less dosh :)

    thats why i got a sapphire one witch has a good cooler, always good to invest in a model that has good cooling for overclocking headroom.
  20. There is NO GUARANTEE..With overclocking it baffles me so many try to use it as a valid point.When comparing cards as if it's a FACT NO IT'S NOT! It's either a hit or miss.I agree though a 7870 is faster then a 660 non ti.The 660 ti is faster but cost more.I would say 7870 is a solid bang for buck choice.
  21. if u can overclock it well, the 7870 will beat a stock gtx 660ti bar none.
  22. Well one thing i notice on forums is people are worried and focus on fps.As if 3fps better over another card is some sort of win.LOL!The sad thing is the members asking for help don't know any better.After all that is why their asking for help.
  23. yes agree but i mean overall best bang for bucks the 7870 is cheaper and performs very closely to the gtx 660ti or 7950, so someone like me ona budget cannot justify spending an extra 50-80$ on a card that performs at best 4-5% better when the 7870 is at stock.
  24. iceclock said:
    yes agree but i mean overall best bang for bucks the 7870 is cheaper and performs very closely to the gtx 660ti or 7950, so someone like me ona budget cannot justify spending an extra 50-80$ on a card that performs at best 4-5% better when the 7870 is at stock.
    That is understandable. ;) I bought my card with credit card and still have not payed it all back still $44 owed ahaha.No late payments so it worked out for me.
  25. i paid 200$ for my 7870 and cant complain was an extra 70$ for a 7950 or 660ti, for what less than 5% increase not worth it in my opinion
  26. I payed $337.82 lol!I cannot complain so far very pleased.I never see the card going for less then $375.99 anymore guess i lucked out.
  27. yeah its very good :), 200$ versus 280+tax+environemental taxes.
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