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Hey all, I've been looking into making a new gaming PC and this site seems to be the best way to get the right answers!

As I said, I want a new PC, However, I don't want a big one for many reasons and so am looking into a micro PC, problem being that I have no idea or grasp no matter how hard I look on whether I would be able to get away with such things in a PC or whether it would turn into a oven or anything else of that sort.

So my first question is whether I would possibly be able to get a i7 or i5 processor and a 2GB NVidia GTX 650 or 1GB Radeon 7770 Graphics card into this case;

What kind of fans would I need? Would they fit? Would I be able to cook bacon on it or actually play games as I intend?

Thanks a bunch!
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  1. It makes no sense to get an i5 processor then putting a 7770 or 650 on it.

    GPU > CPU gaming.

    Get an FX-6300
    with the money saved get at least a 7850 or 7870. :)
  2. You can fit the i7,i5,i3, for a card, if you really want to do a mini itx setup, it has to be a low profile card, check if the cards in question are low profile, usually the 7750 is the one to get.
    Don't forget that you need a mini itx motherboard.
    But for gaming, a mini itx isn't a good option, it's more for htpc.
    For gaming you need a better card, and just get a micro atx case like the fractal design 1000 core.
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