Reccomended psu for gtx 650 ti

I have a 480 watt PSU and I want to but a GTX 650 Ti but it recomends 400 watts. I have 3 hardrives and a amd 6000+ that pulls 80 watts. Do I have enough to run a GTX 650 Ti.
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  1. with 3 hard drives nah I think your pushing the limit. You need a new Power Supply
  2. Which exact power supply unit? Please list model and brand.
  3. HDDs barely pull any power... if he's got enough amps on the 12V rail, he's fine...
  4. I have a coolergiant
    Model: EG485P-VHB {24P)
    480 Watts
  5. Also I have 2 GB of DDR2 800 Ram would that be enough. Because on newegg it says 4 GB is reccomended
  6. I wouldn't use that power supply unit for GTX 650 Ti. It's ATX V1.3, which means it won't have enough power on the 12 V rail. I'd suggest getting a Corsair CX 430/Antec VP 450 at least.
  7. The power supply's you gave me are less in watts then I already have
    Could I go 550 watts though
  8. Rockdpm said:
    with 3 hard drives nah I think your pushing the limit. You need a new Power Supply

    So how much power do you think a HDD requires?
  9. Sorry I guess improper judgement about this one... you guys can take it over from here.. I'm..just gonna...Lie
  10. Any other good GPU's besides 650 ti that could work on my PSU
  11. Not really sure. Could you read the label of your power supply unit and tell us how many amperes it has on 12V rail?
  12. ac input :115v/230v~, 50-60 hz, 10a/5a
    DC output: +3.3v/34a , +5v/40a , +12v1/16a , +12v2/15a , -12v/0.8a , +5vsb/2.5a , +3.3 v &5v/280w , total power/480w
  13. a 7770 would be a good card for you!
  14. 500w+ will put you in the safe zone.
  15. I like Readon but I prefer Nvidia
  16. I wouldn't go with HD 7770. HD 7750 would be a better match for that power supply unit.
  17. So will my current PSU work with a 650 Ti or I have to upgarade my PSU

    I gave you my chart so that is the info you needed
  18. No. It will not. It probably doesn't even have the connectors required for the GTX 650 Ti.
  19. Any reccomended 500+ watt Psu that will work with it
  20. It needs 20a and a six pin connector
  21. If you really want a quality PSU with more power for future upgrades, then you can go with this ($40 after promo code and rebate).

    XFX Core Edition PRO550W

    Or else the PSUs suggested by Sunius are good enough.

    Edit: Looks like you beat me to it.
  22. Thanks for your help also I have 2 GB of DDR2 800 Ram. On new egg it reccomends 4 GB. What do you think
  23. It's better to have 4GB of course. But DDR2 is replaced by DDR3 and that makes it more expensive. If you're thinking of upgrading the rest of your system soon, you might want to save up your money instead.
  24. What's more powerful a gtx 650 or a 7770
  25. HD 7770
  26. The 650 ti is faster then the 7770, while the non ti is slower.

    I did not see a combined on the 12 volt rail. If i recall right, I saved about 5-10 watts by pulling a hard drive from my system. I have a sneaking feeling because of the power supply, it pushes more 3.3 and 5 volts then 12. This is not ideal for today's systems.

    Its all about power supply quality. A quality 300 watt WILL actually run a 650ti on a non power hungry system(95 watt cpu and low powered board). are 6000+ not a 125 watt rated part?
  27. Sorry nuke master I did not really understand the last paragraph my 6000+ is the F3 the 85 watt version
  28. He meant that a quality PSU with low advertised wattage is better than a mediocre one with high (overreported) advertised wattage.
  29. I did not know they had an 80 watt version of that cpu, but If you look at the power supply, it seems to only list a combined wattage for the 5/3.3 lines. This makes the design older. It also makes it hard to know just how much 12 volt power the unit actually has.

    You can NOT just add the 2 rails because in most cases they come from a single rail that is not big enough to drive BOTH at full power.

    Newer power supplies push most of the power into a large 12 volt rail(leaving the rest for standby and other things). That rail powers most of the system and then DC-DC conversion uses a part of it to power the 3.3 and 5 volt rails. This means higher 5 and 3.3 voltage use will take some from the 12 volt rail, but it also means that the 12 volt rail has MUCH more power then older power supplies.

    For example, and older Antec TruePower(once though of as VERY good) 380 has over 100 watts less(216 watts) then the newer Earth watts 380 watt power supply(324). By the same note, I have a 300 watt power supply(22 amps @ 12 volts or 264 watts) with more power then the old 380 watt TurePower 380.

    In a nutshell newer hardware uses power differently then older hardware and as such, many times and older power supply(even a higher wattage one) may not be suitable for a newer system or hardware.

    This site lists your power supply as having 20amps(MAX) on its large rail that feeds the 2 small rails. This puts your just within the general requirements.

    I am not 100% sure how accurate this would be, but you see it is kind of close.
  30. Any recommended psu then that will work and be cheap also
  31. So basicly my power supply will not work'right
  32. Right
  33. I'd say replace the PSU if you want to be on the safe side.
  34. How much are you willing to spend. Other users have linked some good(cheap-ish) units.

    Sunius recommends

    Corsair CCX430
    32 amps @ 12 volts or 384 watts

    Antec VP 450
    30 amps @ 12 volts or 360 watts

    lurrps and johnsonjohnson recommend

    44 amps @ 12 volts or 528 watts

    All of those will run your system with power to spare.

    While I personally run a GTX 650 ti on a 300 watt(22 amp) power supply. All the parts in the system had been picked with low power in mind.
  35. Ahh you have a 650 ti
    So I was thinking about the xfx one
  36. Also today I found out I'm getting a sound card as a gift from a friend so that will take more power so well I guess I have to get a new one any way
  37. Great advice for nukemaster. I want to also congratulate you on deciding to get a new power supply unit, trust me, you don't want to risk running underpowered power supply unit in your PC. One such power supply unit caught fire in front of my eyes some time ago.
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