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hi! i want to build a system for $300, thats the budget. i currently have an old system i got suped cheap. im debating on either seling it or reusing the parts.

the only things re-useable

the new build i am hoping to have onboard graphics, i dont game beyond minecraft for pc. i plan on doing android development, so a multi core cpu is esseintial and im gonna need some ram. im thinking micro-atx, an fx-6100 or a quad core phenom, ive heard good things about those. i may also do some vidio editing, compiling etc, ive heard that you should have an graphics card for it to work better. but i can upgrade the system as needed. if i sell the old system that means that il have to rebuy all the stuff, im in $130 on system componets, i should be able to get at least that out of it, but realisticly will that buy a 400-500watt psu, case,fans? And am3 works on am3+, as i racall, so i can upgrade eventually:)


im thinking like a 4gb stick ram to get started, i can upgrade it over time. i just wanna keep the initial cost low.

thanks in advance!
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  1. I would look at AMD's trinity quadcore APU's + an FM2 motherboard for your build

    You wont need the top end graphics cores but more cpu clock speed will be helpful
  2. The FX-6300 is a good choice for editing, but it will take half of your budget, or about that, you'll need a discreet card like the 6670(at least).
    What's the psu you have from the old one(probably not a good one) ?
    You can reuse the hdd if it's a sata one.
    You're best bet is indeed an amd apu FM2 build for your budget.
  3. the old psu, im not sure. more than 300watts, lol. it was an old gaming build from 2005, i maxed the ram and got a geforce 6200agp. the psu is a 20 pin, i heard theyll work but its sketchy to run. yeah the hd is sata, i have all kinds of hard drives. worked a electronic waste thing a couple times, got a few ;)... im fine with the cpu taking half the build cost, thus the micro atx, so after the cpu that leaves $160 ish... mobo $80ish, so $80 left for ram? awesome. i found an old graphics card, geforce 6800gt. haha...that could work for a while, 256mb ddr3, not top of the line but eh.

    whatda yah think?
    8ish gb ram
    cpu 6300
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