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When I got my sapphire 7950 a couple weeks back, it was awesome. I was running nearly every game at ULTRA above 60 FPS. But then recently, I noticed my performance starting to drop off. I would hit 30-40 FPS in bf3 where before it never went below 60. I checked Trixx to make sure my overclocks were still being used (1125/1510) and it says they were, but it didn't seem as if they were in effect. Then, I deleted Trixx since it was being buggy and said my clock speeds were something they were not on the info tab, and used ccc to overclock my card. When I did that, I played a couple games of bf3 happily with none of the performance issues I had before. So I turned the game off and thought I had solved the problem by deleting Trixx. But just yesterday, I began to play again and then my performance went back to how it was with all the problems! (30-50 FPS) I am getting very frustrated because this problem doesn't even make sense to me. It says my clocks are running at the levels I se them to, but this constant change in performance is really aggravating me. I have the latest beta drivers btw. If you have any insight on this issue that would be very helpful. thanks.
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  1. driver roll back? or completely re install drivers for your gpu. I had a problem where my old 6970 direct cu2 was hitting 85C and lagging, deleted drivers re installed and back to only hitting high 60 to mid 70C. worth a try.
  2. I tried to delete all my drivers, but I don't think I completely wiped out all of them. Is there a particular method you use to delete all your drivers?
  3. Use this to Completely remove drivers.

    And reinstall after a reboot.
  4. so I just checked GPU-z and it looks like my GPU load is the problem! It never goes higher then 60-70% while playing bf3. I don't think I ever damaged my card since I never changed the voltage. Are there any fixes I can do to make my GPU load go up to normal?
  5. Your CPU maybe the problem. Which Processor you have?
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