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:hello: hi im very new here..think 16hrs or so but im looking for a new pc pref prebuild i have never build a pc and well i cant afford to atm cause my location a part in us or so would maybe cost 120 would go for like 400 here..and im not joking most stores here still trying to sell xbox for 700usd.
atm i have 900usd and need to buy a pc i currently have a(after looking on the pcs on this site im scared to say..i might get stoned a dell latitude d610).
id like a pc that can be on for around 16hrs or so cause i play online games and i also work online.but i need this pc to be able to play games and one that will last for years.i dont have a monitor again so i was looking for an all-in-one or a laptop but i also know laptops generally cant be running for so many hours.and i see all-in-ones dont usally come with good graphic cards but id buy a desktop(would much rather) if i can get it in the maybe 750 range then id buy a monitor like to play pc and console games np for the next few yrs.

always wanted to ask how does your monitor affect the game you play?would it slow it down or just cant play it over all?
thanks in advance :)
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  1. What country are you in? I assume outside of the US. Just need to know so that we can recommend a model that is available there.
  2. Please fill this out so we can help you more.

    Edit - oh a prebuilt..yea what andrew said..
  3. im from jamaica i can buy a pc in the u.s well pay for it and have a family member carry it down here on their next trip.
  4. If you can plan on paying for parts for family members to bring down don't plan on a prebuilt (it could get damaged in shipping). Just buy the parts and put it together like that. You'll have a much better computer and it's much easier than you would think.
  5. wouldnt it be the same with the parts?a chance of damage? but if you can point me to a guide or a reliable site with parts id be thankfull XD
    but if im just buying parts i can have them shiped down?
  6. Newegg has a how to series on computer building.

    Their site is good

    but I also recommend putting parts into this so you can get the best price.

    The reason there isn't as much of a chance of damage is that they are packaged individually and are meant to be shipped. If you were to have a prebuilt PC with a good graphics card (GPU) it could easily get damaged. In one of toms articles they mentioned the quarterly system builds they have they now take apart before giving to the winners because so many were damaged.
  7. do you know anyone or post on this forum with a good desktop build for that price?
  8. I'll post what I'd get if you answer a few questions.

    Do you need monitor, keyboard, mouse?

    What about an OS? Windows 7/8 preferable?

    What would be the next time that family will come down and see you? I ask this because you'd want to buy the parts only about 2 weeks before they come see you (prices change so much a good buy one week is completely different the next).
  9. all of the above,7 or 8 dont matter to me if you think ones better il take that one.
    it can be late april or maybe even summer.but i can also have the part shiped to a store here..but that again would be at the end of april.
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    Well I could create a list now but if it's going to be late April it's better to wait until about two weeks before. If you want a list anyways I'll post one. Otherwise just PM me or something for a list when you're ready.
  11. il pm you in the future thanks
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