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Here's my computer, i would like some info.. i know i am not running at it full capacity and will need some guidance. i find it hard to find specific info on here by searching.

Now my Issue, the only game i play is World of Warcraft. this set up should be able to play it Ultra and it's not.
I have to put it to fair to be able to Reach the 35 fps. when going to Ultra is bad 5fps.

What i was thinking that is slowing me down is the Ram, Power supply?
Just wondering what would you consider upgrading to run World of Warcraft at Ultra.

Am sure the PS and RAM are an issue, can the card Handle Ultra ? i know i can also upgrade teh CPU, also would it make a big difference if i wanted to keep this board putting a better cpu on it what can i put on ?

Motherboard BIOSTAR N68S3+ V6.0 Chip model MCP61
CPU AMD Athlon 2 x4 635
Video Card: Gigbyte AMD Redeon HD 6450 GDDR5 not sure how much ram ill look when i get home from work.
Ram: 4 gb Dual channel DDR3 @ 659 Mhz ( 9-9-9-24) not sure what kind ill have to look as well.
HD: 2tb WD
Power supply is very generic with a cheap case. ill get more info when i get home.

Using windows Home 7 Premium

if i am missing anything please ask and i will try to give you as much info as possible
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  1. The radeon 6450 is a very basic graphics card and not suitable for gaming

    Updating it to a card like the Radeon 7770 for around $100 should make a huge difference
  2. I'm no expert on WOW, but that setup is certainly not going to run anything on Ultra settings. Your biggest bottleneck is your GPU. That 6450 is very entry level, if you expect Ultra you might as well order a new video card. Also, your cpu isn't exactly a powerhouse.

    Honestly, if you expect to get to Ultra settings, you might as well start over. Good luck.
  3. To throw some benchmarking comparisons to this:,3297-13.html

    This shows "High" details for WoW with a GTS 450 doing 38/34 fps.,2879.html

    This is the 2011 entry level chart for 3DMark11 - your 6450 gets a score of 868. The GTS 450 gets a score of 3847.

    Even the GTS 450 is considered a LOW end card these days.

    Your processor isn't in a much better situation.

    Take the advice of others either spend the $ to upgrade or enjoy the performance that you do have :)

    (I am in NO WAY suggesting you buy the GTS 450 either - just using as a comparison)

    Another simple search of the site -- Graphic Card Hierarchy Chart:,3107-7.html

    6450 is JUST above the integrated Intel 4000.
  4. That's what i was looking for Feed back..

    i am running it at fair at the moment and it isn't to shabby, upgrading the ram,GPU should be ok to boost it a bit.. maybe not ultra as i don;t think i need that.

    134$ for the GPU ain't so bad and about 60$ for 8 gig of RAM.

    Again i may just change everything. :)
  5. WOW thanks namdlo, my stuff is crap LOL :)
  6. So i am in Ottawa ,on Considering Pricing.. what would you guy's build as a mid level gaming Rig.

    The 7770 is affordable.
    CPU/Motherboard id go amd cheaper
    Ram be my guess
    i have the HD and drives
    i need a case and PS.
    I guess i could find all this here am sure but if you guy's have free time and can set me up with something i be happy and follow instruction i play wow but it's not a big deal i dont want to spend crazy
  7. For cpu/motherboard, you can choose intel core i3-3xxx. It's not much more expensive than amd. In fact, it could cost about the same. Probably more power efficient too, so it's much cheaper to run in the long run.

    RAM is 2x4GB DDR3 1600. Any brand will do. Get the cheapest and low-profile ones like Corsair Vengeance Low Profile.

    For power supply, find the cheapest by Corsair, Seasonic or Antec. They have to be in ATX format, because most cases are only compatible with this size.

    Case? Depends on preference.
    NZXT Source 210 Elite, Fractal Design Core 3000 (the new ones with USB 3.0), Corsair Carbide 200R are good options for mid-size casing.

    Or... do you want to build in smaller casing? If so, get Coolermaster Elite 120 as your casing and a mini-ITX sized motherboard.
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