Graphics card Issue & need advice!

Okay so firstly i brought myself the XFX ATI/AMD Radeon 6870 1024MB (1GB) GDDR5 Graphics Card PCI-Express HDMI/DVI and i correctly install it to the manual, and nothing shows up on my screen, so heres my set-up briefly:

Motherboard: Asus M7
Processor: AMD FX 8-Core
Ram: 16GB DDR3
PSU: Antec 550W

So my problem which i think it is is my monitor's, since i got these 2 LG 21.5", 1920 x 1080, But both of them only have a VGA connector which is like the bane of my life at the moment with my computer, and i brought this graphics card mostly for the eyefinity possibility as i like to play games etc on the pc.

Another thing is i brought the graphics card of a ebay shop which sold it as working but its a refurb with all the correct documentation/drivers etc but no accessories like DisplayPort connectors etc, which is a pain but all can be brought, the only reason why i did this is cause it worked out cheaper.

Both the monitors & graphic card can be sent back and refunded but don't want to go down that route if i dont have to, by using adapters, convertors etc.

I can provide pictures of me installing the graphics card into my motherboard to show what i reckon is a correct install.

So if anyone could give me their time to help me out to get my new graphics card working by showing what to buy or how to get around this problem i have, i will be highly appreciative and all advice is welcomed!
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  1. Any help :(? haha
  2. Wait, you want eyefinity on two VGA monitors?

    Setting aside the fact that you'd then have the monitor bezels in the center of the image, couldn't you just get DVI-VGA converters? They're cheap...
  3. Well i'd like it, i should of looked more into it before buying it all but i didnt do my research entirely to well on this occasion, would they do the job you reckon? Ill have a little look around, thanks for your advice, much appreciated!
  4. surge_88 said:
    Any help :(? haha


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