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Hello I am very new to the world of Linux and I need drivers for my motherboard. The site says that I need to get it from my chipset vendor or a 3rd party website. My motherboard is a Gigabyte ga-970a-ud3 and I am running Debian on my computer. Sorry for posting such a trivial question, but I really have no idea where to get these drivers from. Thanks in advance!
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  1. whats the issue you need drivers for? try linux mint or ubuntu if drivers are an issue. in those theres an aditional drivers option in settings, you need internet for it, if your mobo doesnt recognize the etho socket, try plugging a pci one in. i have one just in case, oddly enough, both windows xp and 7 have given me issues on the drivers front. however linux has not given me any issues, at all.
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