Hi i went on tiger direct a few days ago and saw a 24 inch acer monitor... it was 3d and on top fo that had hdmi dvi and all that and 120hz! for only like 130... unfortunetly there all sold out and i need a really good cheap but 1080p 120hz monitor with hdmi in it... my setup is; amd six core processor black edition, sapphire 7950 overclock edition, corsair h80 water cooler, 2tb samsung hard drive 8 gigs of ram and a gigabyte GA-970-UD3 mobo... ive also been getting bad preformance on mw3 and my friend has a 6870 and gets 90 fps on max.... help me out should i redownload mw3? Thanks for you input i know i talked alot but please help me with my problems thanks bros!
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  1. I highly highly doubt you found a 120Hz monitor for $130... the cheapest ones are still about $3-400.

    (Also, hdmi and dvi are standard on any monitor, and 3d is standard on a 120Hz monitor.)

    As for bad performance, just use the verify game cashe option with Steam, and make sure you have the latest drivers.
  2. Just so you are aware, if you want 120hz, you don't need or want HDMI. Until HDMI 1.4b is out in the wild, HDMI cannot input 120hz.
  3. i swear it mustve been on sale or something that thing sold out fast.... i mean if 60hz wont really effect anything i might as well :/ i dont really do 3d gaming but how do i very cashe on steam? Im guessing that like downloads any missing files of that game or something? because my pc shut down all the sudden because it wasnt in the outlet the whole way and im guessing you very cashe so you know steam didnt up while downloading it? Thanks
  4. Oh i thought it could
  5. The closest thing that HDMI can do to 120hz, until version 1.4b is available, is it can do 60hz stereoscopic 3D @ 720p, through the use of frame packing. The frame packing allows you to send both the left and right eye images in a single transmission.
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