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I currently have a computer with standard HDD's. I do a lot of HD video editing and things are very slow. I have good specs on everything else, but I think i'd really benefit from a SSD. I have 12gb ram, Core i7 960. Would I benefit from having the SSD run just the video editing software, and loading the videos that I'm currently working on in that folder as well? Would it help or hurt to have Windows installed on this same drive?
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  1. Have all your programs and os on an ssd and the rest on a hdd. SSD will definately benefit. I suggest getting a Samsung 840 Pro
  2. So I wouldn't benefit from having the video files on the same drive as the editing program?
  3. You would benefit if you could fit your video files onto the SSD but that could prove to be expensive. As Xlerator has said, you want OS and programs on the SSD.

    An SSD in general is always a good improvement. I'm still surprised to find people hesitant of getting them.

    Recommended would be

    Crucial M4
    OCZ Vertex 4
    Samsung 830
    Samsung 840 pro
  4. I tried overclocking at one point, but i never had good luck with it. I wanted to do a fresh install with a new SSD and get someone experienced with overclocking to help me out. I was looking at the samsung 840pro 256, but I was trying to figure out where to put the software and video files. I'm still a little unsure one where I would benefit the best putting the SSD.
  5. OS and your commonly used programs will go on the SSD. Main storage will be on the HDD, when you are doing your video editing, transfer the video to the SSD. That way you will get the speed benefits while editing. Once finished, transfer the file to the HDD for permanent storage.

    The 840 pro 256 is a great choice.
  6. OK thanks. Thats what I thought would benefit me the most, but I wasn't sure if having an OS, Editing program, and video files on the same drive would be a benefit, or hurt me.
  7. Definitely a benefit :)
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