Radeon HD 7850 1GB vs 2GB for 1600x900 gaming.

Hey forum.
In a previous thread it was decided that the 7850 would be the best option for 1600x900 gaming. I was wondering if the extra gb of VRAM would make a difference at this small of a resolution because it would save me thirty bucks if it doesn't. The card I had in mind was the 1gb XFX on Newegg for 169.99 before MIR. All responses are appreciated
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  1. Well, I know in CIV V, with a 2GB card, The game can load up the entire map into memory and there is no weird "Hitching" when looking at another area of the map.
    Seems to be true for many of the other games I play.

    2GB would future proof you in a sense. And should you ever decide to upgrade to 1080p, You wont be kicking yourself for not getting a 2GB card =D
  2. If you do get the 1gb make sure to keep MSAA off, and ready to compromise more into the future. The Max Payne 3 setup will actually show the mem climb to 2GB as you turn it up.
  3. 2gb hands some games need more memory to run better and if you can afford it then go for it.
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