Need advice with graphic cards!

So im in need of a new graphic card as my MSI radeon 6750 got a little bit messed up (some atipcie.sys problem) ,
But i cant decide or dont know a good and not so expwnsive graphics card,
Im playing high detail games like assassins creed 3 , just cause 2, far cry 3.
So im looking for a good card that can play these games without any problem (i could play them in low quality but prefer medium)
Ive been thinking on a asus radeon hd 6670 2gb or a radeon hd 3850 2x,
I appreciate any good examples on cards!
Not so expensive around $60-85.
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  1. In the range go with 6670, the 3850 is way too old, but be aware you're playing those games on low, at least ac3 and fc3, jc2 prob med. You'd really be better served saving for a better card.
  2. To play AC3, FC3 and JC2 on High. You will need at least an AMD HD 7870 or GTX 660ti.
  3. With my msi 6570 i played games very well like ac3 i ran it with normal settings (according the game) so will a asus radeon hd 6670 do good ? If it is like msi radeon 6570 i'll buy the 6670
  4. The 6670 is better than the 6570, but don't expect to play on high settings at these games especially FC3.
  5. Look for good deals on gtx650 or hd7750 in that price range. They are faster than your old hd6750 and use less power. Use the video cared button at the bottom of the page at and use the drop down the menus on the right to select those cards. Sort by price at the top. Hope this helps.
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