Could my Graphics card bottle neck my CPU?

Hey, so I posted a similar question earlier but I just want to make sure. I currently have a AMD Phenom 2 X6 1090t, I want to upgrade my current graphics card (XFX Radeon 6950 1GB) to a XFX 7950. Could the graphics card bottleneck the CPU, or should this be ok? Oh, and is there any other manufacturer that you would recommend besides XFX?


Motherboard- Asus M5197
RAM- Corsair dominator 8GB
HDD- 1TB Western Digital
PSU- 800W Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold
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  1. That is probably fine, there shouldn't be a bottleneck. Look at sapphire cards as well.
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    Definitely not. The CPU is very good. And I wouldn't recommend sapphire if XFX is out there and at a close price, had a bad experience with them before. Look for the Gigabyte/ASUS ones, they are very nice as well and should be put into consideration.
  3. Thanks all!
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  5. You are most welcome! Glad we could help :)
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