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Is there an economical way to dispose of some 5-10 year old build parts?

I happened upon about 1.5 old builds in my closet today; spent some time identifying (and trying to recall) how they got there and which parts were defective. I sorted out the bunk and found myself left with two reasonably nice ATX cases, somewhat dated video cards, some RAM, and a 500w PSU of the previously mentioned vintage.

I've never been in the business of selling or recycling computers/parts, but I figure there must be something to do with em besides head for the dumpster. Any suggestions?
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  1. Put them back in the closet for another 53 years .

    By then they will be incredibly rare and valuable .

    You will be able to retire on the proceeds
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    You could probably post them in the Tom's Hardware Deals Forum as a free give-away or for sale. Otherwise, I'd look at either Craigslist or E-Bay.

    Like you, I've never been one for selling used computer parts (online or otherwise), but I did manage to sell an old projector of mine on Craigslist not too long ago. A very painless process and I did get a fair price.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Interesting suggestions. :D

    I will admit I hadn't thought of craigslist. Thanks.
  4. Maybe a local computer repair/custom building shop would take them?
  5. I usually just drop them off at the thrift store.
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  7. Take them to a dedicated recycling center, the minerals used in PC parts arent getting any cheaper to dig out of the ground.
    A phone has 800x more gold in it than an equivalent weight of mined Ore, 40x as much copper.
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