Any way to use two monitors and one is for desktop?

So basically I have two monitors one is a older monitor that is 1440x990 and a new monitor that is 1920x1080... so what i want to do is have the one 1920x1080 monitor to play games and only that one monitor and then the 1440x990 monitor to always have the desktop on it... my specs cant handle gaming on both so is there anyway to make this happen?

HAF 912
850W corsair enthusiast series
GTX 670 MSI lighting edition(1241[in game using msi afterburner counter]/3500)
Gigabyte GA-970a-UD3
2x4GB 1333mhz
DVD Driver
Regular drive
Caviar Black 1TB

thanks for the help! :D
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  1. Sure it can easily happen!
  2. ok sweet is there anyway you can walk me through how to do it? i have an dvi to dvi connecter and a vga to vga cable how should i do it? also thanks for the quick reply
  3. ok yeah i got it thanks
  4. Welcome. Glad I could help. Please mark this thread as solved if you have no further questions by choosing a best answer. Thanks! :)
  5. Well the link he gave you gives the tech. side of setting them up as far as displaying.

    For gaming the best way to do it, is to extend the desktop and in game set the display as fullscreen window mode. This will allow to have no borders (pet peeve of mine) while also being able to drag your mouse simply across to the other screen. Other wise you will still have to alt tab.

    Of course this depends on the games you play and wither you need to look at the net while playing (aka guides, videos, etc).
  6. ok yeah that actually exactly what i wanted to do, so how do i do it? im confused on your explanation
  7. ok so it kinda works if i click on something while in bf3 on the other screen it puts it in windows mode and kinda escapes the program which is annoying
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