Looking for some input on my PC build

First of sorry guys if I am posting this wrong or anything I have just joined today to ask for some input. My computer is now two years old and it was build by cyber power, I have recently began to think about maybe upgrading my PC but I really don't know if I should or what would need upgrading. My specs are,

Intel i7-960 3.20GHZ 8MB Cache 1366

Western Digital Caviar Black 3.5in 640GB SATA 6Gb/s Internal Hard Drive WD6402AAEX, 7200RPM, 64MB Cache

3x Corsair 2GB DDR3 / 1600 MHZ Memory

Astek 550LC 120MM Watercooler

Black azza solano 1000 full tower

Asus Sabertooth x58 2 way sli/crossfire USB 3.0 Sata3 ATX Intel

No SLI/Crossfire

Corsair CMPSU-950TX power supply

EVGA Nvidia GTX480 1.5gb Direct 11

Windows 7 Proffessional 64bit

Sorry if that isnt clear its from the page they gave me when I ordered it, anyway I have had some hiccups when playing certain games. While playing the witcher 1 it would get extremely loud at some parts like my fans were struggling to keep up. And I get some noisy fans and severe lag when playing the Firefall beta. My main concern is being able to play all my games at high or better without fear of my rig overheating.

Does anything there seem weak or outdated? Thank you all for input.
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  1. the main thing i see is the video card. and maybe the ram.
  2. Ok thank you, I was worried about the cooling, But I will now look into a new card and ram
  3. The amount of RAM should be fine but a better video card will help.

    But your computer shouldn't really be struggling. Have you cleaned the dust out of it lately?
    Do you have enough cooling?
    You may want to check the temps. Use a program like HWmonitor to check them out.

    Just for reference, my 2nd computer is

    i7 920
    6 GBs of RAM
    Nvidia GTX 260

    and it didn't have any problem playing Witcher 1.
  4. It's the weirdest thing my computer would only freak out when playing dice in the game. I've never had any problems playing any other game, hell even Witcher 2 runs smooth.

    Anyway I just bought a Evga nvidia gtx 670 dual fan along with new ram. Figured it can't hurt.
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