What's wrong with my card? (GTX 570)

I just built a new computer, and for a day everything ran fine. Now, when I launch say, skyrim, the fps is fine, but it stutters like crazy. Same goes for Red Orchestra 2. Just played it this morning with no problems whatsoever. I've verified those games caches and I can't figure out the problem.
GTX 570 2.5gb
Asrock extreme4
Gskill Sniper 8gb 1600
i5 3750k
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  1. Anything, like the video card running hot? Install the asrock util and monitor the cpu and gpu temps.
  2. Any recent Windows or Drivers updates? Have any idea what your temps are while gaming?

    A fresh Install of GPU drivers wouldnt hurt =D
  3. Drivers man.

    Download DriverSweeper
    Download CCleaner

    Run both in safe-mode clean everything to do with your old manufacturer of your old video card. Then reboot into your normal windows and install your recommended drivers.
  4. What operating system do you have? I don't know for certain that xp is terrible for games. However, in my experience it was. Every game i played on xp stuttered every few second and the game was almost unplayable.
  5. I have windows 7 ultimate. I re installed the OS again and I have the same exact problem. I have no idea what's causing this. Perhaps a dying GPU
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