GPU stuck at 86% activity because of some background program

I went through my task manager and discovered an odd task called svchost.exe *32. For days my GPU has been stuck with an activity level of 86% only after I turned off the program did it finally perform at expected levels. My GPU (Sapphire 7950 OC) went from 86% to 0-5%. I tried opening the folder to see where the program comes from. It comes from this folder labelled as archive.

I have no idea what this is, can anyone tell me what it is and why the hell its always taxing my GPU?

Extra note: the program is always on during startup, I literally turn it off every time I turn on my computer.
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  1. Its a virus. I just did a back ground check on it. And apparently its just a resource hog.. some sort of script that makes your computer use a ton of CPU, Memory or other Processing power or even all 3.

    Google can help sometimes:
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