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On the verge of getting a 670/680gtx with either the asus dcII cooler or msi PE/Lighting. Then in a year getting a 2nd for SLI. My concern is that with asus being a three slot I don't think two of them will fit and I wouldn't mind matching the lighting edition but I'm sure by that time they will be rare and overpriced. And I'm dead set on these two companies only. Should I just get the lighting then settle for for a random reference cooler for the sli? I don't care about noise but I do mind about at least having tolerable temperatures. My case has two 200mm+ intake fans with 3 exhaust fans and a fan for the ram.

850 AX Corsair
Asrock fatal1ty Z68 gen3
Fatal1ty recon sound card pci 1x
Zalman 9900max
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  1. If you really wanted to go with the ASUS in SLI, you have two options:
    Change out the cooler for a smaller or water version.
    Get a PCI-E extension slot card.
    Sounds weird but it can be done lol
  2. Ah, i'd probably consider changing the cooler but not the extension lol. Do most ppl that sli/cfx use both coolers that are like twinfrozr or do you have your second card be a rear fan blower like a reference due to high temps in the case?
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