Gigabyte gt640 2gb ddr3 vs radeon hd7750/6670 1gb ddr5

i want to buy a gfx
but i don't know which one is better

1)nvidia gt640 2gb ddr3 or radeon hd7750 1gb ddr5?

2)gt630 2gb ddr3 or hd6670 1gbddr5?

pls give me a quick help
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  1. 7750 1gb is the best among those
  2. mine processor and motherboard is same to you..:)

    OK give me a second choice


    gt630n2gb ddr3 VS hd6670 1gb ddr5?
  3. Considering the 6670 beats the 640 at just about every benchmark and I would have to suggest the 6670 over the 640, I would definitely suggest the 6670 over the 630.
  4. 7750 is laps ahead of the others." class="img lazy">
  5. 7750 is very cheap these days so there is no reason to not go for 7750. more performance while consuming less power is the selling point not to mention no need for pcie connection.
  6. thank you guys...:)
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