Compatability check for my components plz?

Hello, I have my online shopping cart ready to go for my new build, but before I make the purchase I just want to verify that everything is compatible before I make the purchase ( I am pretty sure everything is, I just want to be double sure).

Here is my setup
1x Corsair 600t white editon case
1x Intel core i5 3570k cpu
1x Corsair H70 (2 fans) cpu cooler
1x Asrock Z77 extreme4 mainboard
1x Sapphire Radeon 7950 (this is my main concern about power supply, says minimum system power needed is 500w)
1x Seagate Barracuda 500gb 7200rpm
1x Asus 24x dvd read/write drive
1x Corsair 850W psu
2x 4gb corsair vengeance RAM, 1600mhz

I don't really plan on any upgrades on it any time soon (such as a 2nd gpu or anything) and am hoping I can get a few good years out of it before it starts to fall behind. and I will be doing some overclocking on the cpu, probably 4.2 - 4.5 ghz, and maybe a little to the gpu later on down the road if I have any trouble with games.

Thanks for helping me out
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  1. That psu is overkill for a single card, this one will do :
    I'd get a 1TB hdd, and an aircooler like this one : (there're other colors)
    Other than that, it's a good build.
  2. okay, I revised the PSU to a corsair 600w 80+ bronze, and the cpu cooler to a heatsink, a thermaltake spinq vt. I really considered getting a 1tb drive. however I had never come close to filling my 500gb drive on my old computer, nor my 300gb drive of my laptop, I just don't store much that much stuff on my computers at one time. I will be purchasing an external drive for most of my storage needs later on down the road, for backup and photos, videos, etc.

    does that PSU and heatsink seem like good choices?
  3. It depends on the price of the corsair 600W, i'm guessing it's the CX which is the entry series of the corsair psus, the seasonic is a high quality psu, and it's modular, so it might be worth it.
    That thermaltake cooler isn't that good, if you want a cheaper cooler get the hyper 212 evo :
    The phanteks is also a good cooler, it comes in different coolers, see here for the review :
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