7650 2GB or 7670 1GB

Friends....i have a query...7650m 2GB or 7670m 1GB .....which 1 is better for gaming purpose???
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  1. i would say 7670m 1g
  2. thank you for your reply..But..could you pls tell me why??
  3. +1 for the 7670. The 7650 wont have enough horsepower to use 2gb of vram.
  4. I was actually planning to buy a laptop and was caught in a confusion between the following models

    HP pavilion m6 1071--- 6GB RAM , 750GB HD, 1GB gfx radeon 7670m, 5400rpm

    HP probook 4540 ---6GB RAM , 750GB HD, 2GB gfx radeon 7650, 7200rpm

    Which one is a better option for gaming purpose??
  5. memory is not everything, usually for games, higher resolution would use higher memory. but if the card is slow, it does not matter if you give it 4gb of video memory.

    a good video card with 1gb would beat a slow card with 4gb
  6. Unless you are doing photoshopping with a program that supports it you will see zero benefit from the extra memory.
  7. Thanx for the reply...so I think i'll go with pavilion m6...:D
  8. 7670 Is better then 7650.
    its a m edition so see the speed not see capacity.all laptops only have upto 17"moniters ,not above 20".
    so buy 7670m.
  9. can't you consider a desktop?
  10. No... actually I would be travelling..so thats why i prefer a notebook..
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