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Hi guys,

So I had this idea to rip all my + my families dvd's and blu rays. In total we have a considerable collection (probably 900+ dvd and 100+ blu rays).

I wanted to make a PC for both ripping and video encoding that I could also gift to my father after i'm done with my project, his p4 is getting so bad he can barely surf the internet or word process without it freezing up. I don't game and i doubt my father will use it for anything more then word processing, browsing and maybe some light video editing. I have no intention of overclocking it.

So I though of making a build with several DVD drives as I have several lieing around / can pull from old PC's now one uses anymore.

The build I am considering will have 2 boxes, 1 with the new PC parts (to give to dad after) and one with several DVD drives and an old psu in it.

New PC build:

Mobo: asus M5A88-M - $118
Cpu: FX-8350 - $215
Ram: g.skill Areas 8gb (2x4gb) - $55
PSU: Corsair v5450 450w - $50
SSD: Kingston Hyper X 120gb - $99
GPU: ?? should i or would the ATI Radeon HD 4250 on board be ok?

Already own

Blu Ray Burner - Sony
PCI SATA Card: 4 Sata II PCIe card
HDD: Seagate 2TB 7,200 rpm
Case: mATX case
Case Fans: 3 low noise (120mm, 80mm, 80mm)
OS: win 7, is win 8 any good??

DVD drive box:

Already Own

Old case with 9 5.25 drive slots
DVD Burners - 3x Sata, 5x IDE
2-3 old ide 250gb hdds (not sure how many i might need, have a few lieing around)
5x IDE to sata converter cards ($2 each from ebay)
450W PSU: 6 molex connectors, 4 sata connectors (using some molex to 2x sata connectors)

Total cost for the new part around $540 - I was thinking around $600 would be my max for a new PC for dad. Im in Australia and these prices are based on a local computer store.

The setup will be, an old PC case with the old 450W psu (using a paperclip to turn it on without a atx board) powering several dvd drive, which are all connected via Sata cables to the new PC motherboard in the mATX case.

So I do have a few questions:

How many DVD drives can rip to a single SSD or single 2TB 7,200 rpm HDD simultaneously without bottle necking ripping speed? I have a few extra IDE 250gb HDDs i can add in or maybe drop out a dvd drive or two. I could also rip to my server which is 12TB.

Would the PSU i mentioned be good enough to power the New PC build i have in mind?

I haven't really tested out the old dvd drives yet, to see how fast they rip, but does anyone have any advice for what would improve the ripping speed?

I know some parts like the SSD and CPU may be overkill for my fathers needs, but i'd like to give him a decent setup that will be able to do anything he need for years into the future. Also something that can video encode at a good speed will be nice too :)

Any advice or comments will be very welcome.


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  1. any one?
  2. Quote:
    This is good POWER: [...] pply-cx600

    Take cpu cooler that fits in your case.

    One question
    why you are using a physical DVD drives?
    Use a emulation software.
    Like this:
    Or some other program.

    seriously? did you not read anything in my post or even you know the title? i need to rip a *** load of dvd's. I dont need a PSU that powerful as im not running or plan on running any discrete graphics cards.

    anyways I have build this system now, it works perfectly. I have 7 DVD drives and can rip 7 dvd in about 10 minutes. They run at varying speeds dependant on the quality of the dvd inserted. All have had riplock removed.

    I have found that ripping with all 7 dvd drives to my 2 TB HDD doesn't bottleneck the ripping at all, i rip just as fast ripping to multiple drives or my SSD. This week end I have ripped around 300 dvd's, haven't done any encoding yet, so not sure how long that will take.

    That answers my own questions in case anyone else had them.
  3. Hi Dave,

    any info on how long the encoding took? And are you sticking with one blu ray or adding more? I'm in a similar position to yourself, wanting to run a plex media server around the house.
  4. Quote:
    Hi Dave,

    any info on how long the encoding took? And are you sticking with one blu ray or adding more? I'm in a similar position to yourself, wanting to run a plex media server around the house.

    Im sticking with the one blu ray drive atm because I have 2 drive on 2 laptops i can use aswell.

    for encoding, well that's an interesting question, using the quick sync feature of the i5 cpu with the onboard GPU you can encode a movie in less then 5 minutes with programs like (CyberLink MediaEspresso, Media Converter 8 or DVDFab).

    However I am having alot of trouble decided what encoding method I want to use as the programs to encode that do not use quick sync (such as handbreak) provide alot more options for encoding but take ~30 mins to encode a movie.

    Also something that has taken me a long time to figure out is that some programs won't like together VOB files which have been parted out, which is really annoying (mediaespresso im looking at you). I have had to go through all the DVD rips and merge the VOB files so that mediaespresso will rip the to a single file. I would recomend using dvd decrypter to rip to a single vob fle and don't let it split them, it will save you alot of merging time if you are using media espresso. However i do like that mediaespresso has a batch encoding funtion where it will open a folder full of vob files and encode them all in a batch.

    Quick sync is amazingly fast and the dvd rips are as good as non quick sync rips in my opinion. however i haven't been able to figure out how to rip using quick sync and getting 5.1 channels, the only options i seems to get are 2 channels. So im stuck on that atm.

    Overall quick sync <5 mins to encode a movie but less options for encoding. wihout quick sync >30 mins best options for encoding. If your steaming with a plex media server i would just go with a simple quick sync option streaming perfect quality rips isn't easy.
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