Hdcp compliant video capture card

can any one inform us on the availabilty of such cards to me at prabhakar @ambalsoft.com
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  1. Let me ask you what exactly are you doing. HDCP is centered around HD content being playable on your screen. For example if you don't have the components to play a blu ray screen, graphics, system requirements you won't be able to play a blu ray on your computer. In terms of capture are you trying to record in HD? If so maybe these are what you are after.

    not nearly as good but can get 720p
  2. HDCP is a copy protection and designed to exactly avoid the recording.
  3. Right but he could record in HD Just not anything like watching a Blu Ray and trying to capture it. If he wanted to he could capture in 1080P and post to youtube quite easily.
  4. I had more success with Hauppage hardware. Its very reliable and its softwares are solid
    The avermedia devices have more HDMI ports. I had driver issues with aver media hardware in the past.

  5. I have heard a bit of fuss with Aver's software may be a decent way to go from someone with capturing experience I'll +1 on Leon because of it.
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