Just put together my first build. Having HDD and USB issues.

So I ordered all the parts for a gaming pc based on reddit's buildapcforme's selection. I've got it running but with a couple of problems.

I have windows 7 running off of SSD however the HDD will not come up on BIOS. I've got SATA data and power connected to the MB and power supply. Does this mean my drive is dead?

Also, wireless usb adapters aren't being recognized with a non ascending usb noise when initially plugged in. Can't access internet without it. Please help an amateur out!
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    The best advise I can give to any amateur is read your motherboard manual cover to cover. It may suggest you ensure your HDD is plugged into a certain SATA2 port, etc. You can also try resetting the BIOS and see what happens. Is the Wireless adapter compatible with Windows 7? I've run into older one's that are not supported past XP.
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