Can i use a sapphire hd 6570 2gb ddr3 graphics card

Hi All

I am Currently An owner of the Dell E520, and i want to upgrade my Grafics Card, but i am confused because when you go on saphire website for an example it says recommended 400w PSU, does this mean 400w just on the card or does this mean maintain with everything in the system, i do have a 650w spare, but if i put that in and the pc uses low watts then would that blow the system up with the spare watts? or would it be safe.

Dell E520
350w Power Suply but do have 650w spare
4GB Ram DDR2
Intel Core 2 Duo 1.80 GHz
2X Sata Hard Drives
2x CD/DVD Writers Sata

I do think my pc contains, PCI is X16pin PCi-E
i do currently use a Nvidia Quadro 375 if it helps

card i want is linked
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  1. What it means when it says it requires a minimum x amount of power on the power supply means that you need that amount of wattage in total not just for the card. a 6570 is a pretty low end card I can't imagine you having any problem using that with your current PSU there is no additional power connections that would need more power from your power supply you are safe sir.
  2. That graphics card should work fine, you will not "blow the system up" with a larger power supply.

    You might want to invest in newer components though, because the C2D 1.80 (I'm guessing its an E6300 @ 1.86Ghz) is not going to get you very far.
  3. It's not getting him that far I had a E6750 and man was it ever holding me back performance wise.
  4. the 650w is a win power supply, do i need a pacific PSU for dell 0o if so i would have to do with what i have :(
  5. mainly its for a 2d game and i want it mainly for the FPS i was told from anouther gameing site that older cards work just as good for that type of game. lol thanks for your suggestions
  6. Well normally it depends on what you are playing FPS wise the older FPS games may have a easy time with a 6570 but typically the card you are looking at is aimed towards HTPC's. And in terms of the power supply you may if you were to go much higher its hard to tell retail computers don't usually have good power supplies.
  7. The Radeon HD 6570 will be fine on a 350w PSU especially in a Dell. Dell tends to underrate their PSUs a little bit. I suppose they prefer to be conservative.

    Don't waste money on a 2GB version if you can buy a 1GB version. You do not need more than 1GB of VRAM unless you play games above 1920x1200 resolution and the Radeon HD 6570 is much too weak to do so.
  8. I would actual go with the Radeon HD 6670 for not too much more money. It is a more powerful graphics card so it should last you longer before you feel the need to upgrade again compared to the Radeon HD 6570.
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