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Im using Asus HD7750 and my pc always freeze for few seconds when playing game. I just play online game (Mission Against Terror) and (Heroes of Newerth). The screen will keep freezing for few secs but u still can hear the sound and few times it freeze till need to reset. I never face the freeze problem when surfing or watching movie. Is there anything wrong with my gpu or driver probs?

Here is my pc spec:

Asus PH61-M LX
Aerocool E80-600W PSU
Asus HD 7750 1GB DDR5
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  1. Hmm does this happen with any other non online game for example a stand alone game?
  2. I did installed 7554 offline game and the never freeze yet. Run furmark for 15 mins and gpu max temp 67 c.
  3. Hmm I don't think that furmark would do it. Your screen goes black hmm are these games flash games what do they do to run. Is it possible that the problem is the software with the hardware you are using.
  4. Maybe it is a problem of your CPU.
    Which one you have?
  5. forgot to add i'm using i3 3220 and win7 32bit just online games and not flash games. sometimes the screen freeze for few times in 2-3 mins time and the freeze time like 5-10 secs
  6. Install a 64bit OS. That will really speed up your Computer.

    It did speed up Mine. ;)
  7. Hmm could it be browser based.
  8. The pc not slow or what just that it freeze when playing (mission against terror) and (hon).
  9. If it freezes only at that mission, then that mission is Corrupt. :na:
  10. i updated to latest amd driver but same thing happened. lol mission of corrupt maybe..
  11. Try other games dude. ;)
    And then share the results here.
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